STYLE: My disco fabulous heels!…

WHILST I often harp on about my love of high heels, I am ashamed to say that I haven’t posted any of my beloved high heeled lovelies for you to enjoy yet!

So let’s remedy this situation right away!

Ladies (and gents), I introduce you to Luna, my new disco fabulous shoes from the divine Terry de Havilland.

I snapped these little beauties up on Cocosa (one of my favourite sites – high end fashion at discounted prices, what’s not to love?!) and fulfilled a long held shoe ambition.

Disco heels pic

You see I’ve been a fan of Terry de Havilland for many years after coming across his work whilst I was the Editor of Out On A Limb magazine and it appears I’m in good company too.

For those who aren’t in the know, Terry – who dubs himself the ‘rock and roll cobbler’ – started to design and make his shoes back in the 1960s. Coming from a family of shoemakers, you could say shoe design is in his blood.

In the seventies, he was the king of dancefloor-worthy footwear with famous fans such as David Bowie and Bianca Jagger. And decades later, style icons like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are just a few of his many platformed heel devotees.

TDH Shoes

Luna is that rare kind of shoe that goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, from a little black dress to my favourite skinny jeans.

The platform heel makes me super duper tall. And oh yes, for high heels, they are ridiculously comfy too. (Infact, between you and I they are the comfiest of all designer shoes I own.)

They may not be to everyone’s taste, but I absolutely love them.¬†They are seventies style, glam rock at it’s finest.

In them I feel like a superhero, and a suitably glamourous one at that.

Terry I salute you!

Heels kiss

Till we meet again, show your heels some love!



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“STYLE: My disco fabulous heels!…”

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