Beating snacking with upbeat

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I DON’T often talk about my figure on Pouting In Heels.

In fact I try not to talk about it very much at all as I’m a firm believer that you’ve got to love your body, at all times, no matter how much junk you may have in your glorious trunk!

But the last few months have seen me pop on a few unwanted pounds – no biggie at all really – apart from I couldn’t figure out (see what I did there?) how on earth it had happened.

That was until I found myself picking at Elsie’s leftovers the other week and the penny finally dropped. Aaahhh.

A few chips here, an odd biscuit there, a packet of crisps whilst I’m cooking tea because I’m so hungry I just can’t wait for my meal. You know what it’s like.

All those little morsels of food you don’t really think about eating, one day add up to those extra pesky pounds that are very hard to shift and make you feel less than fantastic every time you reach for a little bodycon number in the wardrobe.

Yep, the truth is out folks. I’ve become a snacker. A serial snacker at that and I hadn’t even noticed.

With Christmas approaching, like most of us I’m conscious that I need to try and reign this in a little as there’s nothing worse – even though it’s easily done – than feeling bloated, chunky and a wee bit grumpy about your weight in the New Year when all the festivities are over.

So for the past week or so I’ve been trying to be good. To think more about nutrition and cut out the crap snacks. (And yep, perhaps I’m hoping Santa’s watching too.)


Beating snacking with upbeat

Upbeat drink


I’ve been cutting back on white carbs, smacking my own hands whenever they reach for Elsie’s leftovers on her plate and indulging in these lovely little drinks called Upbeat every time hunger seriously strikes.

If you haven’t heard of them, Upbeat are high protein dairy drinks that actually taste delicious. I’m not kidding.

When I was first approached to give these a try, I was very reluctant at first as I absolutely hate ‘milk’ as a drink. In my cups of tea, yes. On my cereal, fine but in a glass, as a drink? No, thank you!

I’m one of those rare gals who doesn’t even like a milkshake, so much is my disliking for the white stuff.  But you know what my lovelies, I may just have changed my mind.


Upbeat poured


Slowly but surely I think I’m being converted to milk, or to these drinks anyway which come in three pleasant flavours; strawberry, mango & passion fruit and my favourite, blueberry and raspberry.

The drinks which are made with fresh British milk and real fruit, taste really rather lovely and are incredibly filling! Hence why I’m beginning to drink one of these instead of reaching for the biscuit tin whenever I get ravenous.

They are also very good for you too, containing 20g of whey protein, plenty of much needed calcium (us ladies have to look after our bones!) and coming in at no more than 150 calories.


Drinking upbeat


Ok so they’re not going to help me lose a few pounds on their own but they are definitely helping me to stop snacking in between meals and actually, I’ve noticed that since drinking them, that I’m much less hungry than normal. This protein stuff works!

I’ve even been known to swap my morning breakfast of white toast (I know, super unhealthy but so yummy with butter!) for one of these instead which let me tell you is not easy!

As drinks go, yes of course I’d still rather have a warm cup of tea (accompanied by a couple of biscuits naturally) but as a healthy alternative to snacking, it’s safe to say I’m feeling rather ‘Upbeat’ about these little beauties and our future together.


With love,




*Disclaimer – This review is sponsored but as always, all opinions are my own. The way I see it, if I wouldn’t recommend something to a family member or friend, I won’t recommend it to you. x



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