THE older I get, the more I find myself shunning neutrals in favour of colour.

Particularly when it comes to my home.

There’s just something about adding colour, which makes me happy, especially when it comes to accessories and the like.

Recently I was kindly invited to review a couple of items from the dotcomgiftshop. Admittedly it wasn’t a store I’d come across before but as soon as I opened their look book and saw pages filled with vivid colour and fabulous designs, I knew I was in for a bit of a treat and that choosing the items was going to be tricky.

And I was right, because it was.

The website offers all kinds of products from gifts for the home to handbags, but for me, it was the home stuff that really caught my eye.

So what did I choose?

Well, as I say it wasn’t an easy decision but in the end I opted for some beautiful, bold Cordoba stoneware crockery to add to my growing collection and the prettiest, most vivid set of Medina tealight holders I’ve ever seen.


I’m a firm believer that you can never have enough pretty crockery in your cupboards and I’m a great fan of having a mish mash of non matching items so these are right at home in my kitchen. (I just think, together on a table, different patterns and shapes look wonderful. And interesting.)

I mean look at these two together. Aren’t they gorgeous?


Elsie has claimed the plate for herself and I don’t blame her. Who wouldn’t want to eat a sarnie off this?


As for the tealight holders, well they’re almost too pretty to use, however fret not folks, I have been using them.

Glowing tealights do look gorgeous in them that is true, however I have to say they’re equally lovely as tiny vases, filled with fresh flowers.


If you’re looking for a stunning gift for someone or just feel like treating your home to some super, shiny new objects, then do give this lovely site a whirl.

The prices are really reasonable and the stuff is totally gorgeous.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to swoon at the prettiness of my lovely, lovely things.

This post was written in collaboration but as always all opinions and words are my own.





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  • I love this and funny thing is when it comes to my kids clothes I want COLOR COLOR or food styling or dishes COLOR COLOR but most of my house and my own wardrobe is all white and grey. I think I am in need of a color take over pronto!!! How boring am I?

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