Pout of Approval (& a giveaway!): The Modern Girl’s Guide To Fabulousness

IF like me you try to live a life that’s reasonably fabulous or you at least aspire for that to be the case, then you will absolutely love this book from the very lovely Bethanie Lunn.

I say lovely, because I have been lucky enough to get to know Bethanie and can assure you that she is just as clever, wise, kind and gorgeous as you’d expect the writer of this book to be. By rights, I should hate her but I don’t because she’s just too, well, fabulous!  ;-)

Anyway, back to the book…Packed full of brilliant advice and tried and trusted tips, The Modern Girl’s Guide To Fabulousness is essentially a little black book stuffed full of unearthed secrets.

'Fabulousness' in a book

To write it, Bethanie got her manicured hands well and truly dirty, travelling the length and breadth of our homeland to find the MOST fabulous places, people and products and put them all into an easy A-Z.

From fashion to food, hotels to beauty treatments, motherhood to art, it’s the kind of book you can dip into at your leisure or sit and read from cover to cover. You choose the method and Bethanie shows you the ‘fabulous’ light!

What I find particuarly impressive about this handbag-sized book (besides the fact that it’s crammed full of insider knowledge) is that it’s all about chic, intelligent spending.

Personally I’m sick of wasting my hard earned freelancing cash on stuff which quite frankly, just doesn’t make the mark. But with this book, the good news my friends, is that we no longer have to!

If like me, you’re beginning to tighten your (stylish) belt a little in this tough economic climate, then this book is a wise investment. And if you won’t take my word for it, then perhaps you’ll listen to someone ‘super’.

Here’s what the renowned supermodel and now TV presenter, Elle Macpherson has to say about it:

“Laid out as an A-Z, Bethanie separates the so-so from the sensational. Her ‘little black book’ uncovers places and services in addition to featuring experts who offer their pearls of wisdom.”

Fancy a taster? Here’s a couple of ‘fab tips’, taken straight from the pages:

“If you are having the hem of your trousers taken up, be sure to get measured with your shoes on! Take the shoes you intend to wear with your newly tailored trousers with you, or you could risk getting ankle swingers. Not a good look.” (page 83)
“Don’t forget to wash your make-up brushes! Keep them clean by washing carefully in a gentle shampoo, like Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and leave to dry  naturally overnight.” (page 246)

So, if you want to introduce more style and excitement into your life or are just looking for some modern girl inspiration, grab yourself a copy and let this book take you to a MUCH more fabulous place. You won’t regret it.

Bethanie has kindly donated a copy of her wonderful book to one Pouting In Heels lucky reader. So, if you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, enter the book giveaway below!

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2) Next, leave a comment below (with a contact email address) and tell me why you should win!

The giveaway will close on Saturday 24th March and the winner will be chosen the next day. Good luck! x


P.S If you like the sound of this book, you will also love the online spin-off to the book, The Modern Girl’s Guide.

As one of Bethanie’s ‘fabulettes’ I write and blog for the site, focusing on pregnancy, motherhood and anything happening in the Leeds or Sheffield areas and beyond. Check it out if you can! x


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“Pout of Approval (& a giveaway!): The Modern Girl’s Guide To Fabulousness”
  • Ooo, I LOVE this giveaway! I’m always on the lookout for new books like this and…well…if it helped me to look and feel fabulous even in pregnancy, then it would be a god send! ;)

    I am subscribed to your blog too :) xxx

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