UNDER hypnosis, I have ‘seen’ what I believe to be three of my past lives.

One which made me sob with unhappiness and two which took me utterly by surprise.

Past life regression is something which has fascinated me for years. The idea that both you and I may have lived before.

So I was thrilled, excited and slightly terrified, to try it for myself a few months ago with my friend Steph from Ambient Body and Mind.

For those that don’t know, past life regression is a special form of hypnotherapy that uses hypnotic techniques to access the part of your subconscious where past lives are ‘hidden’.

I’ve never experienced hypnotism before and so one of my biggest concerns was the thought that I’d lose control or be taken somewhere I didn’t want to go. However I needn’t have worried as the hypnosis itself was utterly lovely and just about entering a deeper state of relaxation.

Prior to the experience, I was a little skeptical. I like to think when it comes to most things in life, I’m pretty open minded but even I found myself thinking, this is just not going to work.

But what do I know! ;-) Because it did and in the most spectacular fashion.

After a short consultation with Steph, it was time to begin and I was invited to lie down and get comfortable. Once fully relaxed and in a state of hypnosis (which really didn’t feel strange at all) I was then instructed to take myself on a journey, going back through my own life and to a place where I felt happy and safe.

I was asked to visualise a corridor with doors and when ready, to choose a door that I was willing to open. A door to a past life.

At this point my heart began to beat incredibly fast and I did feel a little fearful. In my corridor – which was bright and white – there were six doors and I opted for the one that ‘spoke to me’ first. A big wooden door with a heavy bolt across it.

When ready, I pushed the door open and was then asked to describe the scene to Steph.

At first I couldn’t see much but after a few seconds things became clearer and I found myself in a beautiful English garden in the 1900s, as a very young girl around six or seven years of age. My blonde hair was tied with little blue ribbons and I wore a pristine white dress and brown shoes.

A little boy of toddler age then entered the scene. A cute chubby boy with ginger hair whom I felt was the girl’s brother and I soon found myself smiling as I watched them laughing and giggling.

And then it happened.

With no warning whatsoever, I suddenly felt overwhelmingly grief stricken and began to cry softly but uncontrollably. Steph quickly asked if I wanted to leave this life to which I could only nod and I was instructed to return to the corridor.

Back in the corridor, with gentle probing from Steph, I managed to explain that I felt incredibly sad and guilty.

(I couldn’t explain at the time but after the experience, I was able to tell Steph that I felt that something bad had happened to the little boy and it was something to do with the little girl. An accident perhaps that the little girl could not prevent or that she unwittingly caused.)

Steph asked me to release the feeling of guilt and soon I was invited to see another life.

The next door that appealed was a plain wooden door and once opened, I found myself in a desert setting as a young man! (I wasn’t quite expecting that!)

It was difficult to pinpoint a time, but I said the 1700s and found myself soon watching the man’s young family – a beautiful wife and three children holding hands in a circle dancing. I felt proud and blissfully happy and got the feeling that I was a ‘good’, content man.

In this life, I was able to see a number of different scenes, none of which were particularly spectacular as such, but were clear and moving. I could see where they lived – a small humble dwelling with a fireplace – and astonishingly witnessed the end of this life too. The man died in bed, due to old age, with his family knelt at his bedside.

Watching this made me cry a little, I was so moved by this man’s life which was incredibly humble yet full of love.

Finally, I chose my last door – a silver one that sparkled! – and amazingly before I could even got close to the door, I could hear music and felt a desperation to open it as soon as possible.

When I opened the door, I could immediately see and hear the scene and found myself in a noisy tavern, as a young woman dancing in cancan skirts on a table!

I felt deliriously happy to be there, (which was totally unexpected) and when Steph asked if there was anyone in the room that I had a relationship with, I soon spotted him. A man working behind a bar.

Immediately I knew that we were in love yet not married and then something astonishing happened. I knew his name. And mine too. He was Frederick/ Frederique and I was Lucy and just 26.

Soon my happiness was replaced with darker feelings as in the next scene I could see Lucy walking down a cobbled street in Paris at night time. She was alone, anxious and terrified and no longer with the man (whom I felt was married to someone else). She was also in early pregnancy and heading towards a bridge.

I felt awful at this point, like something dreadful was going to happen and so I chose to move on to a scene further ahead in her life and next found myself witnessing Lucy giving birth in a tiny attic room lit by candlelight. There were two women at her feet helping her labour and I felt at that moment, that Lucy was strong, competent and confident.

Sadly the good feelings were again short lived as I next saw Lucy visiting a gravestone, weeping for her son that she had lost. Once again, brought to tears, I chose to move on.

This time Lucy was much older. Her long wavy brunette hair had turned grey and she was wearing a maid’s outfit and was working in a handsome kind of house, still in Paris.  And she was lonely.

And then finally I watched how this life ended.

She was laid in bed, in a tiny attic room (though completely different from the one before) and was clutching rosary beads as a priest stood over her performing the sign of the cross. A woman was also in the room, though stood back from the bed, watching yet not providing comfort. A woman I took to be her employer.

Seeing this life was so clear it was like watching a film. Every scene so colourful and vivid. It really was remarkable and not at all what I would have ever expected.

And now, as if past lives are not enough, it’s time to also tell you about the spirit guides I saw!

Because between witnessing each life, a spirit guide would also join me in the corridor, and as bonkers as I know this sounds (!), this is what I saw / experienced.

First a glorious white wolf joined me at my side. Next an eagle came, just hovering above my shoulders. And finally, after the third and most vivid past life experience, a man appeared too. A gigantically tall man of  middle eastern origin whom I did not know, but felt was wise and loving.

Before leaving, the man stopped, cupped my face in his huge hands, kissed me on each cheek and left me with this message: “live well, my darling.”

And then it was all over.

I know many of you will read this, shaking your heads in disbelief or perhaps thinking I’ve lost the plot. (Who knows, perhaps I have?!!)

But this is what I experienced and with total sincerity, I can tell you that it was one of the most profound, beautiful and moving experiences of my life.

Did I really see three of my past lives?

Well I will never really know for sure of course, but yes, I believe it’s possible. The overwhelming and unexpected emotions I felt whilst witnessing these lives are enough to convince me that what I experienced was more than just my own imagination.

But if you want to make your own mind up, there really is only one thing for it. You’ll just have to give it a try for your self.



If you do fancy experiencing past life regression, Steph from Ambient Body & Mind is kindly offering all Pouting In Heels readers a special offer. Book an appointment from now until October, quoting Poutinginheels and your experience will cost just £45 instead of the usual £60.

For more information visit To contact Steph or book an appointment: or call: 0771 457 9665

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  • Oh Katie I am crying! I can’t believe you met your spirit guides it sounds so wonderful. I am have always felt that I’m not 100% sure I could actually be hypnotised I think it’s because I am very strong willed and protective of myself and my feelings but my goodness I would absolutely LOVE to give this a go.

    It sounds like such a crazy experience but also incredibly moving I don’t think you’re bonkers at all, I think it’s amazing. Thank you so much for sharing xxx

  • I haven’t had any past life regressions but I’m fascinated but this subject. Have you read any of Brian Weiss books? Many lives many masters is great.

  • Hi Kate, what an amazing thing to experience! I do think that we are all ‘recycled souls’ if you know what I mean? I have recollections of things I personally have never done in places I have never been, i don’t think this is imaginary just echoes from the past. Fascinating stuff. Thank you for sharing X

  • I have always been fascinated by this and have always wondered what it would be like. It sounds like you had an amazing and very surreal experience. I would love to do something like this myself but I have always been worried that it won’t work and I will have wasted my money xx

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