I’M not a believer in diets or radical changes.

There’s too much pressure and too much room to fail and feel bad about yourself, I think.

But I am a believer in making little changes, #smallchanges that are doable and can and will make an impact!

Over Christmas I put on a bit of ‘chunk’, not enough to make me miserable but enough to annoy when half of the clothes in my wardrobe, were out of bounds! (Because I couldn’t squeeze in them!)

There’s one thing popping on a few extra pounds, but there’s another when you can’t wear what you want to! It was, most definitely, time for action.

So when an email popped in my inbox, inviting me to an evening of pampering and education, to celebrate the launch of the new super duper (and healthy!) yoghurt drink, Optiwell, I knew it was fate calling.

I hotfooted it down to London and met up with some fellow bloggers at the wonderful Cowshed Spa.

Firstly, before I make you all green with envy and tell you all about my lovely evening, let me introduce you to Optiwell, because if you’re anything like me and guilty of being an unhealthy ‘snacker’ then you should definitely get acquainted!


Optiwell is a new, tasty yoghurt drink, designed for busy people, who need healthy snacks on the go. People like you and me, basically.

It’s massively popular in Holland and I’m not surprised, because at just 64 calories a pop ( per 200ml) glass, it is delicious. (And trust me, where my tastebuds are concerned, I’m a harsh judge!)

During the evening, I was treated to a heavenly Cowshed Spa massage and compared perfect pedicures with Becky (AKA English Mum) who was rather envious over my glittery top coat and also the best company, we laughed so much!

Here we are posing for a selfie with our special Optiwell smoothies….


I also go to sip prosecco whilst catching up with the fabulous Alison from Not Another Mummy Blog whom I haven’t seen for donkeys, feast on tasty morsels and chat with registered dietitian and nutrition expert, Laura Clark.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m trying to ‘be good’, I find that if I start the day with a healthy breakfast, I tend to stick to good choices for the rest of the day.

But if I do the opposite? Well it all kind of goes to pot. Which is why making an effort to eat a healthy breakfast goes a long way. Optiwell have started a campaign to get us all thinking about the the #smallchanges we can make to our daily lives (follow them on Twitter for tips and advice), to be healthier and happier.

And this is something I chatted to Laura about too.

She gave me some brilliant advice on how to make healthier swaps for food (like enjoying a smoothie for breakfast instead of toast etc) and discussed with me the importance of finding time for myself in a busy day.

Small changes that done on a regular basis, will make an impact. My kind of thinking exactly!

Here’s a video from the event and a little interview with yours truly (goodness, it’s strange seeing yourself on film. Do I really move my hands that much?! Yikes!)

The Optiwell event was such a brilliant evening to celebrate the launch of a super product and a brilliant campaign.

What #smallchanges do you think you could make, starting today, that would make you feel happier?


With love,





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