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REALLY it is.

Sure it may be tricky, embarrassing or awkward at times, but it’s a topic that we need to be more comfortable with.

Something we need to be able to discuss more openly. Something that we shouldn’t feel funny about. Something which has to stop making us cringe.

Feminine intimate health.

It’s as simple as looking after our vaginas (yep, I went there) and making sure they remain healthy and well, happy!

So why is it so difficult to #GetComfortable with?

It’s a strange thing, typing the word ‘vagina’ on here, I admit. Just a word and an important one too, but I’ll be honest and say, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable even just typing it!

Which is why when Canesten approached me to write a piece on feminine intimate health and hygiene, I very quickly said yes and agreed to help.

Not because I couldn’t wait to talk about this topic (!) but, because it made me feel a little uncomfortable. And well, if I feel uncomfortable at the thought of writing about it, then just how many of us feel uncomfortable talking about it?

It needs to be addressed, does it not?!

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I don’t know where the ‘shame’ or embarrassment’ comes from, but I do know this. Our vaginas are precious. And need looking after.

They deserve us to speak up for them. To appreciate them. To show them (and ourselves) some love. Especially when things go a bit bonkers down there. Especially when they get a little poorly.

And so today, I’m doing exactly this. For you and for me.

But also for my daughter.

At just three years of age, Elsie is constantly asking questions about her body or my body, and I always try my hardest to answer them honestly and without any hint of shame or embarrassment.

I never discuss my weight in front of her.

I never talk about diets or calories.

I never shy away when she traces my stretchmarks with her little chubby fingers or makes my mum tum,’wibble wobble’.

I’m determined to do my best to help her grow up with a healthy body image and that has to include talking about feminine intimate health issues too, as she becomes a young woman.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

We’ve all suffered bouts of cystitis or thrush. We’ve all had those times when we’ve noticed that things aren’t quite right.

We’ve all suffered in agony after giving birth, feeling so sore that we can barely walk for days or even weeks.

So why can’t we be more open and talk about it more?!

We need to educate ourselves and our daughters more about feminine intimate health, so we can prevent feminine intimate health problems from occurring and stop this cycle of shame.

Canesten has created a brilliant new website, providing all manner of advice and information  so if you’re sat there now feeling embarrassed or like you’re lacking in the knowledge department about your lady region, please do check it out.

The #GetComfortable campaign is such an important initiative so I urge you to get involved, educate yourself about feminine health and also take part in the conversation if you’re comfortable enough.

It will help you, it will help stop the shame and it will help us all to learn to appreciate and care for our incredible bodies a little bit more.

Ladies, it’s about time we learned to love our vaginas AND get much more comfortable with talking about them.



To get the #GetComfortable conversation started on Pouting In Heels, Canesten have very kindly given me a £50 John Lewis voucher to give away to one lucky reader!

To take part, all you need to do is leave a comment below, answering this question – Do you find feminine health a difficult topic to discuss?

With love,






Disclaimer – This post has been supported by Canesten, but as always, all thoughts are my own.



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