I HOPE you know just how brilliant you are.

I hope you know that you are loved.

I hope you know that your very presence in this world, counts. I hope you know you matter. I hope you know that people need and love you more than you can ever imagine.

I hope you know that the world wants you to be happy and to succeed. I hope you know that you were created to be remarkable. I hope you know that you are remarkable.

I hope you will remember that dreams can be achieved with belief, determination and hard work. And I hope you will remember that whilst it may not always be easy, it is always worth the challenges and the disappointments.

I hope you know that you create your world. With every thought, every word and every action. I hope you understand that you are creating your future right this very second.

I hope you know that you are blessed. Even when you least feel like this is the case. I hope you know that something bigger has plans for us all.

I hope you look in the mirror every day and love what you see. I hope you see your wrinkles and stretchmarks and scars as beautiful proof of your time here on this planet and I hope you ‘own’ them all with unwavering confidence.

I hope you know that you are beautiful. I hope you appreciate what you have been given and make the most of your gifts.

I hope you refuse to ever let anyone dim your light. I hope your aim is to ensure you always shine bright.

I hope you tackle every challenge that comes your way and know in your heart, that whatever you face, you can and will survive.

I hope you know that when you do feel alone, you are not. And I hope you reach out your hand for help when you need it, because someone will always take it if you let them.

I hope you know that you are so much more than how you look. And that your real beauty lies within.

I hope you see your body as something that deserves to be celebrated, not punished. And that you show it love.

I hope you treat yourself with respect, even when others do not. I hope you treat yourself lovingly, even when love has deserted you. I hope you treat yourself honourably, even when you have been dishonoured.

I hope you know your worth, especially when other people forget. And I hope you show people what you are worth, by walking away when they treat you badly.

I hope you walk with your head held high and a spring in your step, grateful and eager to live. And I hope you have the courage to look everyone in the eye, regardless of their status or wealth.

I hope you will always find pleasure in even the smallest of things. I hope you will gaze in wonder at the moon or let your eyes fall on rainbows.

I hope you will look at the people you love and really see them. I hope you will never take them for granted.

I hope when you scoop your children up in your arms, that you realise these are the best days of your life. Even when you are beyond exhausted.

I hope you will be kind to others and remember that we’re all fighting our own battles. And I hope people will always be kind to you.

I hope you know that you are a living, breathing, super machine with a soul that is vast. A soul that has the greatest capacity to love. And I hope you use it to it’s potential.

I hope you will always be aware of your own fabulousness. And I hope you never forget.

I hope life gives you the most magnificent ride you could ever imagine. I hope you experience the highest highs and the littlest of lows. And I hope, really hope, you live it well.

I hope. I hope. I hope...


With love,



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