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BEFORE I begin, I feel I need to point out that I am no expert at selfies nor do I think I take the best ones.

There are far more qualified people than me (like your supermodels for example) who do it MUCH better however, as a few people have commented on my selfie portraits, I reckon by all accounts, I don’t do too bad a job. Or so Vicki from Honest Mum reckons anyhow. (Thank you darling!)

I’m a normal (ish) gal with a normal camera phone (a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which I adore) so I reckon if I can take half decent selfies, then so can you. Indeed so can anyone.

I know selfies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. They can be vain, damn right annoying and a bit narcissistic at times, granted. However there are times when selfies are brilliant and useful.

They are fun, they are perfect for when you need a new head and shoulders pic for social media accounts and there’s no easier way to show off and share your make up, hair style or jewellery than with a quick selfie shot.

Plus, I’m sorry, but if they’re good enough for ‘Thelma and Louise‘, then by ‘eck, they’re good enough for me!

So…selfie learners, are you ready? Grab your phone / camera and let’s hop to it. Here’s how to take a decent selfie, in five easy steps.


Don't take a selfie when.jpg.jpg


Don’t take selfies when you look like s**t!

Now you would think this is obvious but it’s amazing how many people fall at the first step! Selfies are supposed to show you at your beautiful, personality-plus best, so please, for the love of all Instagram users, make sure you only take them when you’re looking super lovely.

Leave the first thing in the morning selfies to the models of the world and take yours when your hair is done, your make up is on and you’re looking and feeling like a million dollars. You will feel better for it and your photos will be much prettier I promise.


A smile looks better than a pout.jpg


A smile is always better than a pout

You didn’t expect that from me, did you? But it’s true!

Yes I’ve been known to take pouty pics in my time, but really the best selfies are the ones in which you come across as being warm, happy and friendly.

The camera never lies people so think happy thoughts when you’re selfie snapping away and just be as natural as you possibly can. I like to think of people I love when I’m having my picture taken as I find my eyes light up a little and I look genuinely happy instead of slightly deranged. Try it!

(And for more info on how important it is to be genuinely happy when you’re having your photo taken, have a watch of this lovely little video from the fabulous A Model Recommends)


Experiment with angles


Find your best angle and the light

When it comes to selfies, don’t expect to get the perfect shot in the first take. It will rarely happen. Good selfies take effort my friends and plenty of practice. Often I can take up to 10 shots before I find one that is half decent! (Yes, I do put that much effort in).

The trick is to find an angle that works for you and your face. And believe it or not we all have one. Mine for example is the left side of my face with my head slightly tilted down. Again, I have learnt this through much trial and error!

Incidentally I also read once that for most people, the left side of their face is their most attractive! So play around! Grab your phone or camera and snap away. Try different expressions and different angles. Move your face slightly. Be relaxed with it, have fun but pose!

Next, I’m no professional photographer (sadly) but even I know the importance of light. Make sure the light is flattering to you as some light can be incredibly harsh, casting shadows and showing up blemishes that the naked eye wouldn’t normally see. When you’re taking your selfie, move around and experiment with the light that’s available. I guarantee it will make all the difference.




Fill the frame with your pretty face (but not too much)

Too many people hold their phones and cameras too far away from their face when they take a selfie, making them look a bit weird and like a rabbit trapped in the headlights.

A selfie isn’t called a selfie for nothing which means you need to fill that frame with your face or part of your face when you take the shot. Make sure the background is clear or unobtrusive and fill your screen with your beauty. One word of warning though, just don’t go too close. Being able to see up your nostrils is not a good look.




Edit, filter and share

It’s ok to edit selfies. In fact I would go further than that and say it’s neccessary. Why?

Well because while I’m all for appreciating natural beauty and against full on photoshopping, sometimes you may have taken the perfect shot but a hair has got in the way, you’ve got a crumb on your lip or a spot on the end of your nose. What would you rather do? Not post it or just gently erase the minor flaw in the pic.

Please note I’m not talking about whitening teeth, making your eyes bigger or your lips fuller, just, if a little detail is ruining an otherwise perfect pic, it’s ok and acceptable to use an editing tool. I use Pixlr Express on my phone to do just this. It’s quick, easy and means I can pretty much post any pic I’m fond of, even if I do have a bit of food stuck in my teeth.

Once you’ve edited, it’s time to play around with the filters. Occasionally a picture looks better without a filter (like if you’ve captured the light beautifully) but most times, a filter can make an ordinary photo look magic.

Personally I love vibrant, colourful images but black and white images are always stunning, timeless and chic.

Finally, once you’ve edited and filtered, it’s time to share! Show your friends, show you family, show the world! Revel in your own uniqueness and enjoy it. And just think – if nothing else – you’ll be able to look back at them in the future and have a good ol’ giggle.

Oh and one last thing – don’t for a second think that selfies just have to be about you! Grab your child, grab your family, grab some pals and let them share the spotlight. Nothing is lovelier than a selfie full of happy faces.


The magic of selfies.jpg


Enjoy your weekends everyone! I’ll be celebrating my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Happy times!

With love (and pouts)






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