IN just six days time, the biggest day of the year is here.

Oh, the excitement! The giddiness! The expectations!

I love Christmas and one of the things I adore most about it, is that it gives us the perfect opportunity to dress as festive as we desire.

Personally, I am someone who likes to twinkle almost as much as a finely decked Christmas tree (!) so for me on Christmas Day, I usually wear a frock with more than just a hint of sparkle.

But there are of course other options. Because the beauty of Christmas Day – besides spending time with loved ones and opening presents – is the fact that we all have our own special ways of celebrating it. Our own traditions that have perhaps been passed down to us by our parents or ones that we have created ourselves.

However, if you’re stuck with ‘what to wear’ on Christmas Day or perhaps fancy trying something different, then here are a few ideas.


My personal preferred option, although admittedly not so practical when you’re cooking the turkey or have little people around.

But I do love adopting a more glamorous persona on Christmas Day and wearing something lovely. Sequins are always my preferred option, but failing that any kind of embellishment or shimmer will do.

If the idea of wearing a frock brings you out in hives, well there of course other ways of adding some bling. Wear a pair of sparkling chandelier earrings or don a huge statement necklace for example. Just think ‘razzle dazzle’ and you really can’t go wrong.



Well why not? It’s not my bag, but I can totally see why so many families and couples decide to spend their days in their pyjamas, chilling out. It’s relaxed, it’s comfy and totally cosy.

Festive pyjamas are perfect or you could even go the whole hog and go for matching family pyjamas which would be incredibly cute and Instagram-worthy too.


I don’t know many people who don’t love a Christmas jumper. Even I – who hated them for years – has been known to get onboard on occasion!

Kitsch, festive and as full on as you dare, they’re great to throw on with a pair of jeans or skirt and even better, they’re ageless too! Kids will love them as well as grandparents. Parents will suit them as much as their teens.

(*And if you haven’t treated yourself to one yet, there’s still time! Check out this super list of Christmas jumpers from VoucherBox and grab yourself a 10% discount from Zalando. )

Sure they’re not the most stylish attire, but Christmas jumpers are festive fun at it’s best.



I once knew a family who would all sit around eating their Christmas dinner, dressed in fancy dress. And whilst this is definitely something that won’t be for everyone, well, at least it’s different!

Santa, angels and nativity stars are obvious choices if you want to keep the festive theme alive or for the brave amongst you, you could always opt for a particular theme. Roman emperors? 1920s party goers? The choices are endless!

But whatever you decide to wear for Christmas Day, the fact is it’s entirely up to you! It’s whatever floats your festive boat.

There really is no right or wrong. So go wild or don’t. Opt for comfort or glamour. Choose your style tradition and stick with it or if you fancy, challenge the status quo!

As long as it helps you feel the Christmas spirit, you know you’re onto a winner.


*Disclaimer – This post was created in collaboration with Voucherbox.


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