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BEFORE I became a mum, I was a little cynical about Disney shows and the like.

I couldn’t see why families would save up for months to take their children to go to Disney World or to see a Disney On Ice show. But then last year I went myself for the first time with Elsie and well, what can I say but the magic got me too!

I felt it. I finally understood the hype. And so when Sheffield Arena kindly invited us back this year to see Disney On Ice Frozen, well I was almost – almost! – as excited as Elsie.

Together with Jamie (he missed it last time), my sister in law and Elsie’s cousin Polly, we hotfooted it across Sheffield on a Wednesday evening just before Christmas, to attend the VIP opening evening of Disney On Ice Frozen, which meant that we not only got to see the show, but that the girls also got to meet the stars – Elsa and Anna!

Every little girl’s dream right?!

It was such a lovely moment, watching the girls twirl around with them and pose for a photo. Just look how happy they are in this little video.

After the highlight of Elsie’s year (!) and a few nibbles courtesy of the lovely management team who invited us, it was soon time to settle down to watch the show which I have to say was just as magical as you’d expect or hope from Disney.

Last year the Disney On Ice show was made up of four different segments (Cars, Toy Story, The Little Mermaid and Frozen) but this year it focused on telling just one story, of it’s smash hit Frozen. (Although other Disney friends such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Snow White and Pluto did make a little appearance too at the beginning.)

The show was astonishingly good featuring incredible skating, breathtaking special effects (did you know it could snow inside the arena?!) and lighting and music which most definitely did the film justice.

The girls absolutely loved it, singing along to the big ‘numbers’ in the show and dancing in their seats and I swear I even heard the husband make an occasional gasp too at certain points.

All in all, the show was really wonderful. A true treat for family members of all ages.

Being totally honest, personally I preferred last year’s show as I feel it had more variety but there’s no doubt about it, from what I’ve witnessed, I can only say that Disney On Ice shows really are something very special.

If you’ve ever wondered what the show is like, I urge you to give it a whirl.

Yes it can be a little pricey, yes the merchandise can cost a small fortune (my tip – go prepared or buy outside the venue) but all in all, it’ll be one of the best family outings you’ll ever have and will be worth every single penny.


Disney On Ice will return to Sheffield Arena in November, 2017. You can find out more information here. 


Featured image details: Disney on Ice M&G, Sheffield, United Kingdom, 14th December 2016. Kindly used with permission by Glenn Ashley.


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