Ah bath time. If there’s anything lovelier than a clean, sweet smelling baby wrapped in a towel, then quite frankly I’d be astonished.

We love bath time in our house. Sure it’s a little chaotic at times, particularly now we have two little ones to get clean and dry, but it’s so much fun. Plus the kids love their baths!

Someone once told me that if you’re having a bad day with your little one, to stick them in the tub. (Supervised of course). And it’s so true! It works! They immediately cheer up and become much like the cherubs you know and love. (Try it, I promise, it can be a lifesaver.)

Getting them in the bath is never a problem I find but getting them out and dry and feeling cosy? Particularly at this time of year? Well now that can be tricky but thankfully a couple of products that were very kindly sent to us by Cuddledry are helping with this and making bath time just that little bit easier.

Firstly Leo’s Cuddledry baby towel in white and grey stars print is something pretty impressive indeed and oh how I wish I’d know about it when he was a newborn because it would have come in super handy. It’s essentially a clever, super soft, giant towel that you fix around your neck with little poppers which means that when you scoop your little one out of the tub they go straight onto you and into a warm, cosy towel with a hood that you pop quickly over their head. You get protected from bath time splashes and they get ‘cuddled dry’ nice and quickly. Amazing huh?

The towel is pretty pricey as bath towels for babies go but we really love it in our house and interestingly since using it Leo barely cries when he now leaves the warmth of the water which is somewhat of a relief.

I imagine if you bought one to use from newborn age it really would become a much treasured and well used item so certainly one to consider if you’re a new or expectant mama.

Now Elsie is older, we never have a problem getting her out of the bath, but when it comes to attempting to get her wet hair dry, well now that’s a whole different ball game. She just hates having her hair messed with in any way and won’t let me go near it for love nor money with a hairdryer. Which means that she either has to go to bed with slightly damp hair or we need it wash it and let it dry au natural at home when we have no plans to be out of the house quickly! Not ideal.

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However a new towel from Cuddledry is certainly helping and astonishingly Elsie rather loves it! We’ve been using the Cuddletwist Bamboo Hair towel with her now for a while and finally, we no longer have sopping wet hair to deal with!

We simply put the towel on her head, making sure her hair is all in and then twist the towel at the back and secure it into the stretchy loop at the front. For just less than a tenner, it really helps to dry her hair quickly and easily, brilliantly stays in place (even when she’s running about!) and I can imagine it will be a godsend product for us when she starts her swimming lessons later this year.

Bath towels that make life much easier with little ones? I think they deserve a price, don’t you?!

*Many thanks Cuddledry! For your chance to win Leo’s baby bath towel, see below! x


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