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AH travel.

There’s something about staying in a different place, having a change of scene, that’s just so good for the soul.

Certainly if I had my way, I would travel every single week to a different destination if I could.

But when you think about travel, how much do you think about staying in the UK?

Because although whilst it’s true, we may not have the best weather in the world,one thing we most definitely have in abundance, is quirkiness.

As well as character, history, culture and art.

I love the UK.

Like most of us, I’m so happy it’s my home but I also love visiting places across the UK and exploring new areas I haven’t come across before.

When it comes to quirky places to stay, I honestly don’t think anyone does it better than us. (I mean, I even stayed in a gypsy caravan earlier in the year!)

So today,  I’m delighted to be teaming up with the wonderful Oliver’s Travels to bring to you all some amazing quirky luxury villas, that are all based on our homeland.

All – but one – are perfect for families. And naturally, I’m desperate to stay in every single one of them!

pad_738_527_Ayshire Castle - Scotland - Stately Escapes (28)

Ayrshire Castle, Ayrshire

Ever stayed in a castle?! Well I haven’t, as of yet and what can I say but I long to!

This stunning 15th Century castle in Scotland was built as a wedding gift (not bad huh?!) and is the perfect luxury place for all those longing to indulge in a bit of fine British history.  It even comes with a pit prison and ‘murder hole’ too.

Spookily fantastic.


Cooksbridge Chapel, Somerset

Somerset has a very special place in my heart as this is where my Mum was born and where my Gran lived for all of her life.

I spent a great deal of my childhood in this beautiful part of the world and the area is most definitely one of my favourites places in the UK.

This beautiful Chapel is a stunning and peaceful property from which to explore the local countryside and sample some of Somerset’s famous delicacies such as it’s ‘scrumpy’ cider and mouthwatering cheddars.


Harbour Cottage, Cornwall

Who doesn’t love to be beside the seaside?! Especially when it involves staying in such a pretty place as this!

This stunning cottage is set directly on the harbour front in the picturesque village of Mousehole and is the ideal romantic retreat for a couple who are perhaps looking for a quiet and relaxing UK-based ‘babymoon’.


Napoleonic Fortress, Hampshire

And finally, quite possibly the quirkiest luxury holiday property I’ve ever come across, this Napoleonic Fortress is just amazing!

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like the Queen (or King) of your very own island, then this is the property for you. The history, the sound of the waves crashing, the views and the sunsets, make this a remarkable place to say.

And what’s more, as a luxury property, you’ll be in heaven too with it’s champagne bar, gym and open air hot tub that seats ten people.

A very special property for very special occasions, this old magnificent fortress is definitely going down on my bucket list!


So what do you think? Which quirky property would you pick to stay in? It’s a very touch choice I know…

With love,






Disclaimer – This post was created in collaboration with Oliver’s Travels.


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  • I love that fortress too, I definitely want to try that. I would also love to try a tree-house hotel, have you seen those?
    We are doing a 50 Counties challenge this year, so are travelling round the UK, it’s so fabulous what we have in such a small country, we are having a great time finding quirky and beautiful places to visit. Thanks for the ideas hun.
    Katrina x

  • England really is Beautiful and I too love to see the world, but there is something special about wandering the small cobbled streets or lush green hills of our mother land ;) x

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