MY STYLE: A jolly ol’ outfit featuring some vintage gems

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PUT your hands up who doesn’t love a Christmas jumper?!

Thought so! Funny isn’t it, how something that was once so naff  has become cool and on trend again over the last few years.

I’d resisted the Christmas jumper look for years but this year I’ve joined the knitted bandwagon and am embracing the festive spirit and getting snuggly in my Christmas knit too.

Holding shoeJolly jumperFeet upShoes and jewels

I’ve teamed my lovely ‘jolly’ jumper from New Look with my favourite BooHoo skinny jeans which are as cheap as chips (almost) and a really nice snug fit which I adore. I don’t believe you have to spend lots of money on skinny jeans. In fact, between you and I, I’ve personally found that skinny jeans at the cheaper end of the scale are a much better fit than more expensive versions! Crazy I know but very true.

Not ignoring the feet, I’m adorning my twinkle toes with my beloved Carvela leopard print courts which are high enough for me to feel super sassy in but low enough to be practical. Carting my darling little girl around is wonderful but calls for sacrifices! ( I found these beauties in TK Maxx last year but you can find similar styles all over the high street this season.)poppy cuddlePoppy and me

Admittedly this gorgeous jumper needs little help in the way of embellishment thanks to it’s smattering of pretty sequins but in my book, you can never have enough sparkle, so I decided to ramp up the glamour stakes and team the knit with some of my favourite bedazzling earrings. These bobby dazzlers are vintage, possibly from the 60s and cost me a jaw dropping….£2.50! Oh how I love a vintage bargain! I’m also wearing a vintage diamante hinge bracelet that once belonged to my Mum.

After years of shunning the Christmas knit, what can I say, but I am now a dedicated firm fan. In fact, I love my jumper so much, I’ve already decided I’m going to be cracking it out on Christmas Day… quite possibly with a metallic gold pleated skirt and yep you guessed it, plenty of bling. Well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it?!

festive cuppa and mince pieFestive tea

And the perfect accompaniment to my festive attire?

Well, a jumper like this deserves some serious Christmas respect so it had just had to be accompanied with a delicious mince pice and a cup of Yorkshire’s finest tea in my special Christmas china mug.(Thanks Mum!)

All I need now is the snow to start falling and Nat King Cole to walk in singing and I’ll be in absolute Christmas heaven.

Till the next time,






* Thank you to the wonderful folk at New Look who kindly sent me my jumper as a special Christmas treat. If you love this jumper as much as I do and want to treat yourself to one, you can find it here, as well as some other amazing festive knits. x

P.S Poppy the cat decided to photo bomb one of my pics (see feet up pic above) so I decided to give her a starring role in the shoot. She’s a total diva but very very cute.
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10 Discussions on
“MY STYLE: A jolly ol’ outfit featuring some vintage gems”
  • Love the whole ensemble and your right, those skinnies look great, may have to treat myself to a pair. And the shoes, oh come on who doesn’t LOVE a dash of leopard print, especially on a shoe! You look great as always and Poppy the cat is very cute :)

    • Thanks Franki! Can def recommend Boohoo skinny jeans. I own three pairs – 2 blue, 1 red – and they are all super comfy and fit like a glove. x

  • You look great and I have jumper envy.
    My Christmas jumper is from Primark and is making its airing on Thursday. Its actually quite similar to yours … just not as nice!
    Im also very partial to some leopard skin! LOVE the shoes.

    Tracey x

    • Thank you Tracey! You’ll have to share a pic of you in your festive jumper on Thursday so we can compare notes :)

      And yes, leopard print is fabulous isn’t it?! A style classic I would say. x

  • Oh MAMA, you look SUPERMODEL stunning! New Look need to get you modelling their winter collection-you hear that NL!

    Twit Twoo! Oh and you enjoy your beautiful, photobombing Poppy! I miss my moggy, Billy!

    Can I just say (I know I’ve said it before) but you write like a dream, are super stunning and are quite simply an all round LOVELY lady! So glad to have met you in the virtual and real world. Have a Merry Christmas darling xx

    • FAR too kind Vicki but thank you so much! I am truly flattered by all your wonderfully kind words.

      So glad to have met you too and here’s to many more fabulous meet ups in 2014. Merry Christmas to you too and your gorgeous family :) xxx

  • Thanks for the Christmas jumper/style inspiration, love it! Could I ask, which boohoo jeans are these please? I’m constantly on the hunt for a skin tight pair that don’t go baggy after about two wears! X

    • Hi Emma, to be honest I can’t remember as I bought these ages ago! However I have had 3 pairs of skinny jeans from BooHoo (two denim, 1 red) and they’ve all been brilliant so I don’t think you can go wrong really!

      It may help you to know that they run true to size. Let me know how you get on with them and happy shopping! x

  • Hey darling, thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday…I love this post and hope to see more style ones from you in 2014-you are seriously too stylish and beautiful not to, OK!!! Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas sweetpea xx

    • Thank you darling, it was my pleasure and yes, there most definitely will be many more style posts to come in 2014 :) x

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