APOLOGIES to all those who couldn’t give two figs about pregnancy stuff and the like for yet another maternity post.

But as my pregnancy days continue to run down faster than the speed of light – it’s bonkers to think labour could start at any moment! – there’s just so much I want to share and get down on here, before well, the time runs out.

So if it’s not for you, please feel to stop reading and move on by. (But please pop back soon when hopefully I’ll be chatting about other stuff and not just pregnancy and babies!)

And if it is for you, hoorah! That’s smashing, let’s get on with it shall we?

I’m now just over 38 weeks pregnant and so instead of just staring into space and wondering when on earth our baby boy will arrive, I’m putting my brain to use and sharing my absolute maternity must haves, that I could not have lived without during this pregnancy.

Some you might expect, others you probably won’t, but with a little tongue in cheek, lots of testing and a bit of nostalgia, here’s what has got me through the past nine months and helped to make me feel bloomin’ fantastic overall.



Admittedly not the most exciting product (some of you may even be thinking what the hell is this?!) but let me tell you, this ‘cheap as chips’ spray ( Pure Magnesium Oil, 8 oz (236.6 ml)) really helped my morning sickness levels.

You just spray it on your body somewhere and let the magnesium soak into your skin to do whatever it needs to do. It may not help everyone but if you’re really suffering with the dreaded sickness, give it a go! (It can’t hurt and you never know, it may just help you as it did for me.)



Yes I know we should all eat healthily in pregnancy, but let’s face it, in those early weeks and months where you’re often lucky if you can hold a sip of water down, the last thing you want to be doing is eating vegetables and the like. Or at least that was certainly the case for me!

In my first trimester I had huge cravings for Big Macs (in one week, I ate three alone!) and other unhealthy foods like crisps and cheese spread and I refuse to feel bad about it.

When it comes to pregnancy cravings and food, you have to eat what your body is telling you to, even if it is seemingly a whole lot of junk. So if you find yourself like me, sending your partner off to McDonalds a couple of times a week, ditch the guilt please and just enjoy!



I’ve tried and tested all kinds of anti stretch mark products and these are my absolute favourites which have helped me to remain almost mark free at this stage of late pregnancy. I swear by them all for different reasons.

  • SECRET SAVIOURS ANTI STRETCH MARK KIT – I’m incredibly proud to have been an ambassador for this brand as I’m a massive fan. I tested this kit (featuring a cream, gel and special bump band) for a good three to four months to really put it through it’s paces and am convinced that this has helped me to hardly gain any new stretch marks during this pregnancy.
  • JEUNVIE MAMA OIL – This is one of my all time must have beauty products as not only does it help to make eye wrinkles disappear in front of your eyes (you’ve got to try this!) but it also does an incredible job at fading stretch marks quickly. A few weeks ago I started to get a few (around 4-5) new stretch marks on the bottom of my bump but have been using this daily together with the kit above and astonishingly the few lines I’ve gained are much, much fainter already! This all natural super oil is just incredible.
  • LOVE BOO SUPER STRETCHY MIRACLE OIL – One of the first oils I used on my bump and still one of my favourites. This oil is a delight to use (goes on easily leaving no residue) is reasonably priced and – as I’m beginning to notice with all Love Boo products! – smells amazing too! Just a lovely, lovely product that can only help to keep those pesky lines at bay whilst helping to make your bump feel super soft. (A little goes a very long way too!)
  • NEAL’S YARD MAMA BALM – Another super product packed full of natural ingredients. This tub of oily wonder goes on like a dream, is super moisturising and just feels like a real treat. It lasts forever too.



Oh how I searched high and low for these! Personally I love skinny jeans but finding decent maternity ones was somewhat of a challenge I have to say. I ordered some very disappointing ones from ASOS before eventually finding the holy grail of maternity jeans at Topshop and Jojo Maman Bebe.

These Leigh maternity jeans with an over-the-bump panel at Topshop are as near to perfection as you’re ever going to get in my opinion. Soft, comfortable and incredibly flattering, they’re a cracking pair of skinny maternity jeans which took me through most of my pregnancy very happily indeed. They’re also a great price too.

And these black super skinny jeans I found through Jojo Maman Bebe are also belters. Reasonably priced, they’ve fitted me perfectly and look great worn with pretty much anything. Hurrah!



The best I’ve found are these black tights from ASOS. Soft, comfortable over the bump and easy to wear, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them. Buy them in bulk.



There’s a big possibility that this is my last ever pregnancy (*sobs*) so I knew right from the beginning, that I wanted to celebrate it in style and have some stunning maternity photos taken.

My bump shoot is definitely one of my pregnancy highlights and I’ll always enjoy looking back at the photos and thinking how blessed and happy I was at this time in my life.



Little bit bonkers this one but bear with me! As someone who likes a decent tipple, not being able to drink alcohol, has been tough on occasion. Oh how I’ve missed a decent glass of wine!

But I did manage to find something which helped – a simple but posh cocktail glass. Every Friday and Saturday night I drink my preferred non alcoholic beverage of the night out of my super lovely glass (occasionally I go really wild and lob some ice and a slice in it too!) and although it’s not quite as good as a fine glass of plonk, it’s definitely helped to boost my morale. Try it for yourself and you’ll see.



Pregnancy is a wondrous, exhausting, emotive and occasionally fraught time. It’s also incredibly precious so be careful of whom you share this time with!

You’ll probably find that people will fall into two camps when you share your happy news – those who care and those who well – to put it bluntly – just don’t. My advice? Stick with the good ‘uns and ditch the ones who suddenly forget to ever get in touch, ask how you are or show any interest.

Surround yourself only with positive, lovely people and keep everyone else at bay.



I did hypnobirthing when I gave birth to Elsie and will absolutely be doing it again when I go into labour, any time soon! Hypnobirthing really helped to keep me calm, focused and positive when in labour with Elsie and I’ve no doubt that it will help me to do the same again.

There’s a few excellent books on the market but I opted for The Hypnobirthing Book + Hypnobirthing Relaxation CD this time around which is very, very good.



Seriously, he’s been my rock throughout this entire pregnancy.

From dashing out on Big Mac trips at ridiculous times of the night (!) to running me a hot bath when he could see I needed a break. From coming to every major pregnancy appointment with me to continually telling me how beautiful I look, even when I’ve looked and felt anything but.

From stepping up on the childcare front with Elsie to cooking my tea almost every night for the past nine months, there’s just no way I could have done this pregnancy so well and so easily without him. Jamie my love, you’re the best.



To all of you who have provided support, advice, encouragement and made me feel fantastic throughout this journey, thank you so much.

You’ve been my own personal team of pregnancy cheerleaders and it’s been so appreciated. Thank you for caring. (And please wish me luck! x)


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  • Awww that’s a lovely post.
    I never had kids and at my age doubt I will but I Iove watching from the side lines and seeing progress / how blossoming you are.
    Good luck as I’m sure your only days away from giving birth and look forward to seeing your little fella xx

  • The Leigh maternity jeans are the best! So comfortable. I wish I’d read the stretch mark reviews while I was pregnant. I don’t have many, but I was gutted when they popped up at about 38 weeks. So cruel, I thought I’d escaped. Good luck with it all!

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