THE English language sure is beautiful…

But when it comes to words, I always think it’s the simple ones that have the most power.

To prove my point, here are the best five phrases you will ever need to get through life. Ready? Here goes.


“I’m sorry”

Let’s face it none of us are perfect. Nope, not even me.

So for those times that you’ve messed up, hurt someone or done something really stupid, take a deep breath, eat some humble pie and go and say these words.

They may not ‘fix’ whatever it is you may have done but they will help. Just make sure you mean them.


“I forgive you”

When the boot is on the other foot and you’re the one that has been hurt, it can be hard to let go of grudges or upset and forgive someone.

But unless you want to be a bitter ol’ loner in your twilight years, I suggest you try and think kindly of others and accept that we all screw up from time to time.

So if someone is sorry for what they’re done or even if they’re not, find some inner strength and say these three words to them. (You should also say these to yourself too).

It probably won’t make the person who’s wronged you feel any better but it will definitely take some weight of your shoulders and make you feel a little lighter.


“Thank you so much”

Aaah, gratitude. Isn’t it wonderful when someone truly appreciates what you’ve done for them, given them or how you’ve helped them.

Nothing is more damaging to a relationship than when someone feels unappreciated or undervalued, so always remember to thank and  try to say it with oomph.

Say it sincerely, say it with heart and realise how lucky you are that you have something to be thankful for.


“F**k It!”

Sometimes things happen in life which are out of our control.

Things that hurt. Things that frustrate. Things that drive us crazy. For all those times, this little phrase will help.

So when it belts it down with rain on your wedding day, say it. When you try so hard at something but yet fail, say it. When you have one of ‘those days’, say it.

‘F***k It!’  is about acceptance and letting go. It’ll help you not  to sweat the small stuff,  encourage you to smile through the dark times and realise that life won’t end, just because things haven’t gone quite to plan.


“I love you”

The Beatles were right when they sang ‘love is all you need’. I mean come on, can you imagine life without it?!

As human beings, the one thing that unites all of us, is the desire to love and be loved. Which is why you should always make sure that you tell everyone whom you love in your life, that you do indeed love them . (And I don’t just mean your other half or your children either – remember your wider family and friends too.)

Tell those special people whom you care for so deeply, that you love them often and make sure that they know it to be true.

Why? Because life is too short not to. It really is as simple as that.


Pretty basic aren’t they these phrases? Common in fact. Astonishing then, that these few words are often the ones that we find the hardest to say.

For to say them with relish and give them their true power, requires boldness and heart.

But I promise you, if you’re ever struggling with what to say, these five basic phrases will – nine times out of ten – be just the ticket.

Just make sure you use them wisely.


Till the next time, have a wonderful weekend!





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