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FRIDAY FIVE: My five favourite personal photos from 2013

NOW Christmas is kind of over, it’s time to turn some attention to the past year and get all reflective.

Normally,  I’m all about the words but today’s post is much more visually appealing. And to be honest, much quicker too! I mean seriously, there is much chocolate left to be eaten, new toys to be played with (Elsie’s of course) and an entire house to tidy up. (Please tell me I’m not the only living in post-Christmas chaos?! It is driving me mad!)

And of course, although words are truly wondrous things, there are many occasions when a single snapshot can say so much more.

So without further adieu (and because I have a cranky, poorly toddler clinging to my ankles as I’m trying to type) here are my five favourite personal photos from 2013 and a little explanation as to why I love each one so much.

And yes, naturally, Elsie stars in every single one. How could she not?! :)



This is a snapshot from Elsie’s christening back in May and I love it, because, besides capturing the special water / font moment,  it also very clearly shows our immense love and pride for our little lady. Just look at the expression on our faces!

Elsie’s christening was a day we will remember forever and this picture beautifully demonstrates how much it meant to us as Elsie’s parents. (HUGE thank you to my good friend Laura who captured the moment for us.)


fish &chips

There are many reasons why I love this particular photo. It’s certainly not one in which I look my most glamorous best (check out the squint!), but it is one in which I look incredibly happy. Here I am on a beach in Cornwall, with Elsie – on her first holiday – my sister Sal, brother in law John and their three wonderful children, my nephews and niece, Josh, Ben and Ella.

It wasn’t the most relaxing of holidays but this picture captures a rare moment of pure holiday bliss. Sat on the beach, wrapped up against the elements, tucking into some fish and chips… if  I close my eyes and think for a second of two, I can still hear the roar of the waves and feel the weight lift off my shoulders. (My husband Jamie left his fish and chips just for a second, to grab this snapshot.)


Elsie sunhat

Aaah this face! This beautiful face, kills me every single time.  This is one of my all time favourite pictures of Elsie because it captures her personality so perfectly. I love her hat, I adore her chubby cheeks and I love, love, love the deep in thought expression on her cherubic face.

She was in her own little world when this pic was taken and it captures the time when she was turning from a baby into a toddler so incredibly well. (Well done Hubby!)


Elsie bubble thought

I took this picture on Elsie’s first birthday back in July. It was one of those shots that as soon as you press the button, you just know it’s going to be a good one. Here she is playing with bubbles (one of her favourite things).

I love the way the bubbles look like thought bubbles coming out of her head and I love the way the shot has captured her unruly, ‘mind of it’s own’ hair. This could well be the only decent image I’ve got of the back of Elsie’s head. And what a fine, beautiful head it is.



Finally, ignoring the green wood chipped walls (yes, we still have much left to do in our project house), I’ve chosen this image as one of my favourites because it sums up in a nutshell what 2013 has been all about for me, which is mainly motherhood. The last 12 months have been all about continuing to get to grips with being a mummy, enjoying the amazing moments and somehow surviving the not so good bits.

This year has been absolutely exhausting. I have forgotten what a decent night’s sleep actually is and consider myself lucky these days if I get a couple of hours of interrupted zzzz’s. At times it has been tough, brutal in fact. There’s nothing like sleep deprivation to make your whole world miserable.

Thankfully, big, loving cuddles with the little lady (like the one in the picture) are the perfect reminder that all those long, awful, sleepless nights are worth it. Because quite frankly, there’s no hug as sweet, as precious, than from your child.


Till the next time, what are your most precious moments from 2013?








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