IT’S no secret that I am an avid blog reader.

I absolutely love discovering new blogs and visiting my old favourites. Nothing gives me greater pleasure online (well than perhaps writing my own posts) than coming across an article which makes me wanna punch the air and say ‘yes, yes, YES!” (Who said reading couldn’t be orgasmic?!)

However, as you’ll know only too well I’m sure, sometimes the Internet is just full of too much noise and so, as we carry on into this new wonderful year, let me make your life easy for you and introduce you to some of the best articles I’ve read of late.

Forget the crap, forget the ‘ok’ kind of posts. Here are five MUST reads that have the potential to change your life.  Sit back, get comfy and enjoy.


“I think Jesus or Buddha said this: You are the CEO of your life.”

For those of you that really need to make huge changes or transform your world, here’s an absolute belter of an article from the incredible James Altucher. (Seriously, I am in LOVE with this man’s writing!) Bookmark it or print it out so you can read it again and again. It will blow your mind.


“You hate yourself because you don’t do anything.”

Take a deep breath and get ready for a few brutal -but life changing- truths. This article may hurt a little and it’s certainly not easy reading at times, but it does say it’ll make you a better person, so it’s well worth a gander is it not?


“If all I see is ego, I won’t be back for more.”

For my blogger friends, for my writer friends and for anyone who’s thinking of starting up a blog, you must, must, MUST read this brilliant post over on The Dexterous Diva. I’ve read a whole lot of articles on how to be a better blogger in my time and this is way up there with the best. Simple, but brutal in it’s honesty, it’s so good, I’ll be sticking this up on a wall where I can see it all the time.


“Excessive phone use, commitment overload, multiple page to-do lists and the pursuit of perfection consumed me.”

Sound familiar?  I read ‘The important thing about yelling’  just the other day and was like, ‘wow.’ If you’re a parent or parent to be, please read it. This honest, heart warming post will make you stop, examine your parenting and quite possibly, change it for the better.


“Not taking my phone into the bedroom with me was giving me at least two hours extra a day”

I love my phone and I love the Internet, but this article in the Telegraph by James Brown certainly made me think ‘do I really need to love it so much?’ A great read for all those who may be worrying that the Internet and their smartphone is beginning to take over their life.

(And if this doesn’t convince you to pull back on your Internet / smartphone use a bit, you might want to watch this too.)

What do you think? Have you read anything remarkable or life changing recently? Please do share any of your own ‘must reads’ in the comments below and let’s spread some online lurve.

Have a wonderful weekend you beautiful people!





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