AH, beauty products.

Where would we be without them ladies?!

I love my make up, smellies and skincare products. Always have. And more than likely always will!

In fact I’ve no doubt that if I’m fortunate enough to live to be a ripe ol’ age you’ll catch me still blogging with my eyeliner, mascara and lippy on.

A woman always has to look her best right?

The beauty industry is huge though, with many products costing the earth and delivering so little.

Which is why I think it’s always a good thing to share the ‘knowledge’! And by that I mean, which products actually work.

Here are some of my favourite products that I have loved recently.

(Some of which have been gifted to me by some kind PR people, many others I have bought with my hard earned cash.)

However all are recommended because they do their jobs rather beauty-fully indeed.


Beauty products


St Tropez Gradual Tan-In Shower, £14.50 – Ok, let’s start with the most contentious product. I’ve read mixed reviews on this all over the net, but to give you my verdict – well, I love it.

It’s not perfect sadly – personally I think the tanning agent could do with being a little more intense as it takes a number of days to see a difference, plus as gradual tanners go it’s not cheap – however, it does do exactly what it says on the bottle.

Apply it correctly – wash yourself, turn off your shower, apply to wet skin, wait three minutes and then hop back into the shower and wash it off! – and it will be the quickest and easiest tanning product you have ever used in your life.

It’s a great product, particularly for time-strapped mums so let’s keep our fingers crossed they make a few tweaks to the tanning agent levels. Slightly darker and this product would become a must have.


St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse, £4.99 – Another fake tanning product. You can tell it’s been summer can’t you?!

I had this product recommended to me by so many people but admit I was skeptical about trying it. Why? Because this tanning product is super cheap. (I’m talking less than a fiver here!)

However after trying it, I was blown away.

I applied this (in medium shade) the night before I jetted off to Kefalonia using a fake tan mitt and woke up in the morning to an even, natural looking tan that looked perfect.

This product absolutely delivers and is just as good, if not better, than the expensive brands on the market.

The only downside? Is that the tan doesn’t last long. However do not let that put you off.

It is a brilliant product to use if you just want a lovely golden tan for a day or two.


Vitage range (various) – About a month or so ago I was sent a whole bag of goodies from this British advanced antioxidant skincare range to try out.

Sadly, a couple of the products didn’t agree with my sensitive skin (which is just the way it goes sometimes) however there are a couple of products in the range which I absolutely loved and urge you to try if you get the chance.

Definitely worth splashing your cash on are: Age Defence Power Skin Repair, £48 ( a lovely moisturiser packed full of antioxidants) the Vitamin C Radiance Mask, £26 ( a great product that puts life back into dull or tired looking skin) and my absolute favourite of the bunch, the Skin Defence SPF30, £22 -( an amazing SPF moisturiser that I used every single day over the Summer and on holiday in the hot Greek sun.)




Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, £4.19 THE best concealer I have ever tried! This gem of a product (thanks so much to Amy from Everything Mummy who recommended this in her recent vlog!) works wonders for me, covering up my dark undereye circles and blemishes, an absolute treat.

Buy one immediately, you will not regret it.


WunderBrow, £19.95 – An incredible brow gel available from Boots that fills in sparse brows with ease. I’ve been using this for a week after being sent it by the PR and am hooked!

Wunderbrow gives thicker, shapelier brows using a unique permafix technology and hair fibre complex. You just fill in your sparse areas with this gel, brush your brows into shape and voila! Gorgeous brows in seconds that last for days!

A genius product.


WunderExtensions, £19.95 – Another incredible product from the same brand behind the brow gel. If you like thicker, longer lashes then you will love this.

Just add 2-3 coats of this ‘lash extension and volumising mascara’ and watch your eyelashes grow in front of your eyes!

So good you might just want to wear it every day. (And you probably should)


And finally, the Pure Natural Box, £21.95 (inc. delivery)

Set up by a lovely lady whom I met a couple of months ago at a Weleda event, the Pure Natural Box is the ideal beauty box subscription for anyone who loves, prefers or needs to use natural beauty products.

The box is filled with products that are all pure, natural and organic (absolutely no parabens here!) allowing you to sample products you may never have previously heard of and find hidden natural beauty gems.

It’s a wonderful product and would absolutely make the ideal gift for any pregnant lady or new mum, so please do give it a try. Well done Rebecca! x


So there you have it! Which beauty products have you tried or loved the sound of lately?! 

With love,






Disclaimer – some of these products featured were kindly sent to me as gifts however as always, all opinions are my own. If I wouldn’t recommend them to my best friends or sisters, I won’t recommend them to you! x

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