January 2015


A FEW months ago I was walking down the street in my local town when I caught a snippet of a conversation between a mum and daughter which took my breath away. It was an ordinary conversation, general chit chat and it went a little something like this: “Mummy, I’m so excited for dinner. I can’t wait to have fish and chips.” “That’s great darling, Mummy is hungry too. I

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How to get started as a freelance writer

Sponsored Post  AS a freelancer I count myself as being a very lucky woman. I adore freelancing, it is by far one of the best career moves I have ever made and radically changed my life since I took the leap over four years ago. The team over at Hiive have asked me to share some of my top ‘get started’ freelancing tips with you guys and as I’m all for

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Five easy ways to improve your relationship with food

LAST week I spoke about the little changes I was making to my diet and lifestyle, after my Christmas binge out. And to report back quickly, guess what my beauties? Yep, those teeny tiny adjustments I’ve introduced have already made a difference. I’ve lost a little bit of weight – I don’t know how much as I never weigh myself but I can tell from my face and the way

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Books that could change your life this year (quite possibly)

READING is one of those great pleasures in life that sends me giddy with total and utter joy. I’ve always been a bookworm and although I don’t get nowhere near as much time as I’d like these days (who does?!) to sit down and curl up with a good read, over Christmas and New Year I did manage to work my way through a few belters. These books are so

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How I plan to become a healthier me this year

FIRSTLY, before we begin, may I just take a moment to say Happy New Year! I know, I know, we’re a few days in to 2015 already but seeing as it’s my first post of the year, I just needed to get that off my chest. Now it is, let’s get onto the business of health shall we? Hands up, who’s popped a bit more chunk on their trunk over

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