June 2012

Pout Of Approval: Phoenix Jayy

  I’ve always been attracted to anything that sparkles, but even if you’re not a ‘magpie’ like me, let’s face it, we all need a bit of ‘razzle dazzle’ in our lives at times. Phoenix Jayy London¬†(phoenixjayy.co.uk) is a new costume jewellery label that I’ve recently come across which knows exactly how to put the ‘ing’ into erm… bling. What’s more, their amazing glittering jewels are incredibly purse friendly too,

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My Maternity Must-Haves Part 1: Style

With just a few weeks to go until my due date, I thought it was about time I shared some of my favourite maternity style must-haves with all you amazing mums to be. Everything on this list has been tried and tested, and LOVED, by me. They are quite simply, the best maternity fashion secrets I’ve uncovered. Feel free to share them with your pregnant friends and sisters :-) On

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I did something I almost never do. I woke up, got dressed and spent the day doing absolutely NOTHING. I had a list of jobs to do as long as my arm but didn’t do any of them. After getting a rubbish night’s sleep (the joys of late pregnancy) and feeling a bit under the weather, I decided to listen to my body and did exactly what it told me

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