Long gone are the heady, exciting days when my weekends were all about going out on ‘the razz’.

Now my idea of an exciting night is actually having a night in. (It’s the new ‘going out’ you know!)

Tonight I am looking forward to doing exactly that. Curling up on the sofa, with a glass of wine in hand (and the bottle nearby) and relaxing.

Ah bliss.

It’s true, I still do have occasions when I’m desperate to party with the best of ’em (and can) but now as a mum to a little one, I finally understand the simple beauty of less heady nights.

If, however, you’re sick and tired of seeing the same ol’ four walls on a weekend night, then here’s some inspiration for you.

20 things you can do with a ‘night in’ besides watching Googlebox.


1. Go to bed really early. To get some serious sleep. Tuck yourself in nice and early, as you would a small child and enjoy those zzzzz’s.

2. Go to bed, really early, for some hot lovin’! It’s good for you, you know. Fun too.

3. Throw a cocktail party. Get all your mates round, ask them to bring a bottle and create your own alcoholic concoctions. (Just make sure you don’t need to get up early in the morning. Cocktails and early morning wake up calls do not mix.)

4. Read a book. (Remember those days mums?!) Switch off the box, curl up and devour page after page after page.

5. Cook and enjoy a three course meal. Complete with candlelight, soft music, the works.

6. Or sod it and do what I do and order a takeaway! (Yay!) Serve with candlelight, soft music, the works.

7. Pamper yourself. Get out the foot spa you never use (just me?), pop a face mask on, slap on some hand cream and enjoy. Get hubby in on the action too. Men love this pampering stuff really.

8. Do a movie night. Pick a decent film, go wild with dips and crisps (like these #dipinfor5 beauties I was sent from Primula) and sit back and enjoy! (Can totally recommend Dallas Buyers Club and The Imitation Game)

9. Do a box set night. Pop on to Netflix and prepare to be blown away by House of Cards, Breaking Bad or Spartacus. (To name just a few).

10. Listen to music. Turn the lights down low, crack open the booze cabinet and let the ambient waves wash over you.

11. Make plans. Think big ideas. Grab a bottle of wine (it is the weekend) and brainstorm all the amazing ideas that come to mind. Who cares if you can’t tell what they are in the morning, your brain cells will love it.

12. Do something creative. Paint, make something, get crafty.

13. Do nothing. Put your feet up and relax. You’ve earned a break.

14. Devour some amazing blog posts. They are everywhere to be found (but if you need help, check out my recommended reading list for starters)

15. Create your dream life on Pinterest. Find the house you love, the clothes you want to wear, the cakes you want to bake. Admire, pin and dream.

16. Invite mates round for a meal. Cheaper than going out and much more intimate.

17. Have a PJ party because they’re not only for kids.

18. Throw an amazing party. Send the kids to the grandparents, whack up the volume, dance, drink, chat, flirt and party. (In no particular order).

19. Ring a mate you haven’t spoken to in ages or even better, write them a letter.

20. Errr… *runs out of ideas* watch Googlebox. It really is the best thing on TV.


Have an amazing weekend everyone! 

With love,






Disclaimer – this is a collaborative post.

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5 Discussions on
  • Great post, I’d do everything apart from 1 as I just can’t seem to get myself to bed that early – especially at the weekend. Love how half of your plans involve cracking open a bottle of booze, my kinda gal ;-) Happy weekend x

  • From one gogglebox lover to another! Nights in rock quite frankly, I still enjoy the odd night out with friends and doing fun things but I’ve become such a home bird now I’m in my mid-30s x

  • ah, nights in, one of my favorite pastimes! So many great ideas here. Running after inspiration, early bedtime (for one reason or the other ;-)) and reading ar emy favorites out of the bunch.

  • Heh. I’ve tried Gogglebox a couple of times and I have to admit I just don’t ‘get’ it. We really must do a boxset night, though. We’re still stuck on season 2 of Breaking Bad and need to plough on through. And I’ve got a Sky box full of unwatched shows waiting to be magically watched. One of the downsides of doing paid TV blogs on the side is that, ironically, I now less TV than I used to before because I’m so busy writing reviews!

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