WIN a set of 10 gorgeous baby bibs from Funky Giraffe

win gorgeous baby bib set from funky giraffe

AH bibs, what would we do without them? I mean, mums (and dads) can you imagine?! There’s no doubt about Read More →

35 ‘rules’ for women to live by (created by me)


  TOMORROW is my birthday. There will be cards, presents (here’s hoping!), perhaps even some delicious cake. I’ve already partied Read More →

A rant about disrespectful brands from an irritated blogger (sorry wonderful brands)


I’M pretty miffed today. In fact make that very. Why? Well because I’m getting sick to the back teeth of Read More →

A little red dress and a corker of a statement necklace

a little red dress and corker of a statement necklace

ON Saturday night I painted the city red. (Kinda.) As part of early birthday celebrations (my big day is on Read More →

Ideas for Elsie’s big bedroom (and for other toddlers)

animal heads elsies bedroom

I’M not quite sure how it’s happened already but it has. Elsie has grown up and so it’s time to Read More →