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EVER feel like your blogging efforts are going unrewarded? Are you sick of spending heaps of time on a post and feeling that no one cares about what you’ve written? Do you look at other bloggers, read other blogs and sometimes feel inadequate, jealous, cheesed off?! Yes? You do?! Brilliant. Then it’s not just me then. *smiles* I’ve been blogging for over three years now and in the main, I

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My back pain is becoming a real pain in the neck

I’M grumpy, snappy and incredibly irritable at the moment. So you have my apologies. As does everyone in fact who has to ‘put up’ with me at the minute, because to be quite frank, I’m just not myself right now. All thanks to my beautiful back which just does not want to play ball at the moment or do anything in fact. It’s not very happy you see. Not happy

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Six things women can learn from my two year old daughter

THE greatest mentor I have in my life currently is a two year old girl. My two year old girl in fact. Elsie, my beautiful daughter. I always used to think, before I became a Mum, that a parent was the only one to teach in a parent / child relationship. But I was wrong, because amazingly Elsie teaches me as much about life and myself, as I do her.

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Gorgeous gifts for marvellous mums

SICK of buying your Mum flowers for Mother’s Day? Yep, me too. Which is why I thought I’d do a little gift guide featuring some rather lovely present ideas for marvellous mums (and grandmas) everywhere. Because although flowers are always lovely to receive, sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a little and put a smile on your Mum’s face with something different. Here are nine super gift ideas, that

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UNTIL you become a parent, you just don’t get it. You can’t get it. Parenting seems like the easiest, most natural thing in the world when you haven’t got a child. You see a kid throwing a tantrum in the supermarket and know exactly what the mum should be doing. You roll your eyes when you see a food splattered toddler in your local cafe (doesn’t that dad know he

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Yorkshire delights and quality time

I TOOK some time off last week. Away from work and the blog (although I still managed to squeeze a few posts in) and what do you know?! It was rather bloomin’ lovely. Elsie, the husband and I had a family day out on Friday to go and see ‘some animals’. Although Elsie kept referring to it as the ‘farm’ it was a little more exciting than that (sorry sheep,

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Remembering Hugo & supporting #HugosLegacy

TODAY’S post is dedicated to a special little boy called Hugo. And to his Mummy Leigh – a blogging friend of mine, a courageous mama and a truly inspiring woman. ———- Every so often in life you come across a story or a person who touches your heart and this is very much the case with Leigh and Hugo. Whilst pregnant with Hugo, Leigh suffered from HELLP syndrome – a devastating

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(Photo) Shooting Mums…so they know how fabulous they are

THE other day an email landed in my inbox which made me a little teary eyed. For when I opened the email, I was greeted with beautiful images of two beautiful woman, looking proud, looking happy and looking glorious. Two women who have lived, two women who are larger than life, two women in their sixties who are still as beautiful now as they were many years ago. Both women are

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