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Today I’m blue but I still stand, wearing red

TODAY I was going to write about style. That was my big plan. But then the General Election happened and I’m sat here finding myself unable to do it. To write about something seemingly so trivial at a time when what is happening to this country is so much more important. And so apologies to those who would rather I wrote about pretty things today, but today I am about

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YESTERDAY I got the wobbles. It was a wibbly, wobbly kind of day. Not in the physical sense of course (I am NOT a jelly) but in the emotional, spiritual sense. I’ve not had one of these feeling-out-of-sorts kind of days for a while. A long while in fact. So it came as quite a bit of a shock. What the hell is going on here, I thought?!  Doubt. That’s

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Why do we have to do a) b) and c) before we can have a break? Why do women have an internal reward system?!

SORRY. I just need to load the dishwasher, then I’ll be with you. Oh and I best tidy up the little lady’s toys too, before I get to it. Still there? I’m coming honest, just one minute! I just need to quickly run upstairs, hoover up, stick a load of washing in blah, blah, blah. Why do we do it? Why DO we do it? Is it me? Am I

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Oh my giddy aunt! Please vote for me in the BiBs (if you so wish)

YESTERDAY my Twitter feed went bonkers. And all because the shortlist for the BiBs 2015 (The Brilliance in Blogging Awards) had come out. And all because I’ve only gone and made the bloody shortlist! And all because it’s for the writer category too! Oh my giddy Aunt! So thank you. THANK YOU! To anyone, indeed everyone, who nominated me or put me forward to be considered. I’m absolutely gobsmacked but

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Why her and not me?! Why is another woman’s success such a bitter pill to swallow?

THIS is the question too many women ask themselves far too often. And not in the healthy, “hmmmm, I wonder why?…” pondering kind of way. But in the, “I’m jealous, disgruntled, hate-her-guts kind of way.” We’ve all done it and I’ll be the first to hold my hand up and say yeeeees, I’ve made this mistake on occasion in the past. But why do we do it? Why is it so

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All About You – Shoot The Moon!

POWERFUL that, isn’t it? These words by Anne Lamott – which I came across and shared last week for my new #wisdominheels project – have lingered around in my thoughts since I read them. They have stayed there, locked into my consciousness, stubborn, persistent and loud. A reminder to grab life with both your hands and live boldly. Indeed, to live fearlessly. I’ve always been a bit of a ‘feisty

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How to have a GREAT family holiday (with little stress)

I’VE got real wanderlust at the moment. Now the sun is shining here in the UK, my thoughts over the past week or so have naturally turned to travel and holidays. We’ve yet to decide where to jet off to this summer, but I’m personally daydreaming about culture, great weather, fabulous food and a relaxing place, where we can all take a break from modern life and enjoy some much

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Why are you hiding? The world needs you!

  SOMETIMES I get so nervous about stuff, that I try and find any excuse not to do something that I know I really should be doing. That I know will be good for me. That I know will take me to new exciting places. In the end, I ignore the excuses – push them off a imaginatory cliff – and I get on with it. Why? Because the alternative

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