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FRIDAY FIVE: My favourite childrenswear companies

WITH Elsie now approaching her 2nd birthday (I still can’t believe how quickly it’s gone!) it’s safe to say I’ve become acquainted with some fabulous childrenswear brands over the past few years. It’s hard to whittle them down, the choice for girls being particularly fantastic, but here are five of my favourites currently. And some top tips on what to buy from each one. ———   Mothercare An obvious one

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LIFE: Amazing advice (in tweets) from incredible women

SO today’s post is completely different than what it was originally going to be. Why, I hear you ask? Well, because last night I hopped onto Twitter before bedtime and found myself favouriting tweet after tweet from the Stylist Magazine team from their Life Lessons event held last night. Seriously, it got kinda ridiculous with the amount of favouriting I was doing! And then I thought, dammmm, this advice is

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STYLE: Shopping, Asian style

LAST Sunday I entered an incredibly bedazzling sparkly world and didn’t want to leave. But leave I did a few hours later with two large bags crammed full of beautiful, ethic goodies! I visited the incredible Bombay Stores, described as the UK’s largest Asian Department Store. Situated in Bradford City Centre, I’d been told great things about this shopping mecca by my mother in law, for years, but had yet

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FRIDAY FIVE: Five reasons you should trust your instincts

LATELY I’ve been thinking a lot about intuition. About why it’s important. About what it all means. About why it matters. By nature, I am an inquisitive soul. I’m also very prone to going with my instincts. Yes, I’ve got some good ol’ grey matter and I like to use it, but personally I find that when it comes to survival and tackling some of life’s biggest challenges, the best

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YOUR SECRETS: How boudoir photography is helping to boost women’s body confidence

WOULD you pose naked for pictures? Or perhaps semi-naked with just your lingerie on? Think about it for a second. What do you reckon? Boudoir photography has been around for a while now. We’ve all seen it and heard about it. But can it really help boost women’s body confidence? Or is it just vanity gone mad? All these questions and more I posed to the lovely (and incredibly talented)

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FRIDAY FIVE: 5 steps to pretty summer feet

  AS a Mum, a little spot of pampering is now a HUGE luxury these days. (I know some of you will be nodding along in agreement to this!) But with the weather turning warmer and sunnier (although admittedly not today) I decided I had to find the time to take my feet out of winter hibernation and treat them to a bit of tender loving care. Afterall, who wants

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FRIDAY FIVE: A wish list

SOMETIMES I come across an online shop that just makes me feel like I’ve entered home. A fashion home. You know that lovely warm feeling you get when you browse a collection and find yourself grinning from ear to ear because everything in it is just so YOU! Feels good doesn’t it? Finding a stylish retailer that seems to know exactly what you want to wear is pretty rare let’s

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SECRETS: Smitten with a little room in a little train station bar

I KNOW what you’re all thinking. What the ….?! It’s a strange title for a post granted and to be fair, it’s probably going to be a bit of a strange post too. But what can I say? I like to mix things up. On Saturday night I went out for some drinks and dinner in Sheffield. (Here’s a little snapshot of what I wore, posing in the local train

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