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An ‘iconic’ shoot: The day I became Monica Bellucci (Kind of)

EVER wondered what it might be like to pretend to be someone else for a day? I’ve often believed that my life should be much more glamorous than it is. And in all honesty I’m often rather put out that it isn’t! ;-) Yes I’ve been fortunate enough to experience an odd insanely glamorous moment from time to time but on the whole, I’ve got to face the harsh fact

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A reminder to grab a cuppa tomorrow…for a good cause

IN CASE you’ve missed all the many posters, flyers and social media alerts whizzing around lately, here’s a quick reminder to grab yourself a cuppa tomorrow morning, and cake (naturally), for a very good cause. Yes folks, taking place tomorrow is the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ which involves people from all walks of life getting together to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Unbelievably the first Macmillan Coffee Morning took

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SPONSORED POST: Time travelling with Ikea (Yep, really)

OK, this post today is a little bonkers granted but I really do think you’re going to enjoy it. And if nothing else, well it may just get you thinking about stuff like life and the universe, which can only be a good thing right?! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a glimpse into your future? Or to be hypnotised? Well, shortly, in a little

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Birchbox review: Truly ‘beauty-full’ post

I DON’T know about you but nothing puts a spring in my step more than some lovely post. You know, not bills and the like (obviously) but fabulous post that makes you as giddy as a kipper. Birchbox is a company that provides such happy post, which not only leaves you feeling great but also helps you to look fantastic too. How? Well besides the actual experience of receiving something

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Five reasons the ‘Terrible Twos’ aren’t SO terrible

IT’S the age that fills parents the world over with sheer and utter dread.  The ‘Terrible Twos’, so terrible that they’ve actually been called terrible! I mean you can’t get more terrifying an age than that can you?! Besides the teenage years – which thankfully for me as a mum are miles away in the foreseeable future – it is this age, this ‘terrible’ age, that we all come to

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SPONSORED POST: Smart women celebrate brains (as well as beauty)

AS women we may still be judged on our looks, but it’s our intelligence, wit, kindness and charm that will take us places. Yes, it’s great to look and feel our best, but there has to be substance to back up our style, there has to be more to us all than just meets the eye. Otherwise, well, what on earth is the point?! Intelligence, knowledge and wisdom are all

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Finally, I can now use my ‘proper’ camera (kind of)

I LOVE photography and I adore taking snazzy images so you can imagine my delight when my husband gave me a very swanky (and expensive) camera for Christmas a few years ago. I’ve used it loads since then. It’s travelled to Florence and Rome, captured Elsie as a newborn, snapped our loved up friends on their wedding days and more besides. But here’s the thing. Besides pressing the button and

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Film Styles to Look Forward To (Or Not)

IF there’s two things that I love, it’s fashion and film. So I’m delighted to share this post with you from fashion writer Elizabeth Jones about futuristic fashion in film and how it can (and often does) influence how we dress. Massive shoulder pads anyone?! ;-) Enjoy! ————— By Elizabeth Jones IT’S easy to look back and judge the fashion trends of the past. Whether we find ourselves waxing nostalgic

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