About Me


Why hello there!

I‘m Kate, an award winning blogger and mum to one, my three year old daughter Elsie.

Besides blogging and parenting, I also spend my days working as a freelance journalist, PR and copywriter. Oh and you can also catch me writing for The Huffington Post and my other blog (my style one) To Dream Of Dresses too.

From Lancashire originally, I now live with the ‘enemy’ in South Yorkshire and would describe myself as an ordinary woman just trying her best to create an extraordinary life!

As a young girl, I would make magazines from scratch and dream of becoming a writer, so I still can’t quite believe that I get to earn a living and spend my days doing exactly what I love.

A proud freelancer and blogger, I could talk for hours about how wonderful both of these things are. And I’d probably also have to tell you about the numerous benefits a kick ass pair of heels can bring into your life, too.

This blog is where I share my thoughts, give you a sneak peek into my world as a busy mum and do my very best to inspire women to be happier, to do better, to reach higher.

I’ve been a magazine cover girl (just the once!), am the owner of an award winning pout (don’t ask!) and have a great fondness for all things that are glamorous – especially when it comes to heels and frocks.

However, I’m always at my happiest, when cuddling my daughter and reading her stories, preferably in front of our log fire at home, with a cup of tea in hand (and a biscuit).

I do hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I adore creating it.

Thanks so much for stopping by.







PoutingFINAL 64


MY sister and husband were the first to really notice that I often pout without realising.

But, in all honesty I’ve been doing it for years!

Over the years, my pout has become something of a legend among my nearest and dearest and has even received fame in it’s own right, winning a most luscious lips in Yorkshire’ competition. (I kid you not!)

As for heels, well, I’ve always been in love with heels but it intensified when I became the Editor of a footwear publication, Out On A Limb Magazine.

To this day, I’ m convinced that heels are better for my feet and wellbeing and well, I just wouldn’t be the same without them.