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THIS month’s ‘Your Secrets’ story is an absolute belter.

So good in fact, that I’ve been excited about sharing this with you for weeks.

Many of you will probably recognise Laura White from her time on the X Factor a few years ago and the subsequent mass media attention she gained when she was shockingly voted out. And if you’ve ever wondered what you’ve been up to since the show, well you are in for a treat.

I’ve become friends with Laura over the past year or so and have been really touched by her dedication to her music.

She’s beautiful, she’s obscenely talented and she’s one of the most genuine, down to earth people I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across. She’s also a proud Northern girl like me and has great taste in furry hats, so I guess it was inevitable that we’d always get on.

Laura is a woman proudly and defiantly carving her own way in the world and in the music industry. She’s a dreamer of the very best sort and the toughest of all battlers.

Because of this, I’m truly delighted that she has chosen to share her story with us all on Pouting In Heels today. It’s a little longer than usual, as Laura has got so much to share about her journey, but I really hope you enjoy it, as much as I have.

If nothing else, hopefully it will inspire more of you to reach for those stars. No matter how far they may seem out of reach.

Without further adieu, I pass you over to Laura. Please don’t forget to show her your love and support, which I know you will, as always.

You can leave Laura a comment below, follow all her news on  Facebook or connect on Twitter. You can also watch her in action on YouTube and buy Laura’s incredible EP ‘What My Mother Taught Me’ on iTunes right here!

Enjoy x



This is Laura White’s Story…

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My name is Laura White and I am a UK Artist /Writer/Musician living in London. A girl that has fought in so many ways, that I have ending up becoming my own hero. There are many things in my life that I am proud of but mostly I am proud of the fight that I took on and won, with my music.

When I was 8, I started to learn classical piano and realised that music was deep in my heart. I have always been different. Not just with my crazy big hair or funny ways, but because in my mind I have always thought that anything is possible.

I was told off repeatedly for living ‘in Disneyworld’ when I was a child, but all my life I have dreamed and believed. One day, at High School, I was in Music class and got asked to perform a song for my GCSEs. The second I performed at school everything went crazy.

I started gigging, playing festivals, jazz bars and tiny venues with just a handful of people in but eventually I built a big following in all the places I played. More importantly I learnt that my fans, the public and myself were all that I needed to take me where I wanted to be.

I started a profile on Myspace, and soon began uploading my own songs, just me and my piano, and I became the 5th most viewed artist unsigned in the world. Crazy! Soon I was picked up by prestigious music manager Matt Aitken and later a TV Show, the ‘E4 School of Performing Arts’.

After this, I took my demos everywhere. I stood at every show, searching every day, emailing every person in the world trying to be heard. I had a few successful auditions and meetings but things kept falling through. It was tough but it was making me more resilient.  


Soon the X Factor came along. 182,000 people auditioning and I kept getting through. My most memorable moment was bootcamp. I sang and just looked at my knees shaking. When I opened my eyes I got a standing ovation at bootcamp never seen before. I remember Cheryl Cole (my mentor) saying “How do you do that thing?? that scatting?” I said I play Aretha and Ella Fitzgerald every day, that I wasn’t trained but I feel what they feel so I sing like they do and she loved me. She always saw what I was and the artist I would be today.  

On the show I was the favourite to win every week but eventually when voted out by a controversial judge vote, I had 150,000 people petitioning. I am also the only X Factor artist discussed in parliament to date. 

I had a tough time on the show. I was the girl who was at the piano everyday, a girl who didn’t go after the fame and the lights. After the show things were difficult. I was touring and gigging which was amazing but the help I needed was from songwriters, labels, managers, who could take my talent and propel me to the next level.

But after the show I quickly discovered that the ‘help’ around me wasn’t going to offer that sadly. I really was told I would make a lot of money and that I should be happy with being viewed by 19 million people, to be a ‘celebrity’ alone. But this wasn’t why I went on the show.

The people around me soon realised this as I turned down many reality events and parties and gigs with extortionate amounts of pay as well as many TV/ acting offers. I went on the show to show that I was an artist to the world. To get my music out there. To change people’s lives with my songs. To inspire people.

And so I began to write, every single day, asking people for sessions, contacting every writer I had heard of, every single producer in the US and the UK, playing gigs that I arranged all myself despite being a girl who couldn’t walk down a street without being recognised. I met my fans and put every single penny I made back into my music. I pushed my voice to be the absolute best, for if I had to fight the world to be heard, then I better be the best at it. I even went to Denmark knocking at Cutfathers door, a huge producer, because he told me that if I flew to him he’d give me a chance.

I was told a songwriter gave the artist their ‘hits’ but I never had that so I decided I would make myself good enough so one day I’d write my own hits. I never allowed anything I couldn’t do to hold me back, I just got up and made myself do it.

I now write every single song I release. I listen to ‘To be Loved’ a song off my most recent EP, which was the number one singer songwriter EP on UK Itunes in November 2013 and think wow. I wrote that about a best friend of mine and I’m so proud of my lyric and melody ability that God gave me as a writer.

I wrote a number one hit (in three countries) for artist Gin Lee and have written for many, many other artists. I’ve been writing recently for a huge UK Artist and a blockbuster movie which will be announced very soon. I honestly can’t tell you how proud it makes me.

None of this wouldn’t have happened though, if I had just sat crying about the fact that people weren’t helping me. I got up, I fought back, I got myself looking the best I could to feel good in myself, taught myself to write hits and became the artist I am today. I’ve been offered many publishing and record deals but still I am an independent artist.

I have sold out the Lowry Theatre in Manchester and continue to sell out every single venue I play. I have been on so many amazing journeys with my music. I’ve been around the world, on TV shows, won TV Awards and have even sang personally for the Prime minister!

As I sit in my house in London, it is my fans that I am so grateful to. When anyone ever told me, I wasn’t good enough, when anyone ever knocked me down, when anyone ever gave up on me and left me feeling empty, my fans believed. Just as I did.

I’m a big hearted soul and I would cry if things hurt me, but I have always brushed myself off and become stronger. I will never be beaten and I write this to inspire every single woman out there to think the same.

You can be and do anything you want to do. Just be who you are and be strong minded. You need no one in the world but yourself I promise you.


Gosh that was good wasn’t it?! That last line of hers is so brilliant, I’m going to get it framed.

HUGE thanks again to the very lovely Laura for sharing her story. If ever there was a woman who knows about motivation and determination, it is this wonder woman. Please don’t forget to check out Laura’s wonderful music. Her Facebook Page is also well worth a like, if nothing else, so you can her keep up to date with all of her brilliant tracks and latest videos.

I warn you though, you will most probably become a huge fan ;-)

From one Northern lass to another, thank you Laura! Mwah x

(If you’ve got a story to share, why not be brave and tell your secret?! Drop me a line at katie@poutinginheels.com

Make today magical folks! See you on Friday!




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