I did something I almost never do. I woke up, got dressed and spent the day doing absolutely NOTHING.

I had a list of jobs to do as long as my arm but didn’t do any of them. After getting a rubbish night’s sleep (the joys of late pregnancy) and feeling a bit under the weather, I decided to listen to my body and did exactly what it told me to do – nothing.

I ignored the housework, cancelled plans to meet a friend, didn’t check any of my emails (a first) and spent the day in my scruffs, make-up free, relaxing and taking some much needed time out.

I ignored all the niggling voices in my head telling me there is SO much I need to get on with – preparing for baby Portman’s arrival, getting ready for an imminent house move and catching up with my blog for starters – and chose to focus on my wellbeing and happiness instead! *High fives myself*

I put my feet up, literally, had a catch up with my sister over the phone, did some hypnobirthing relaxation exercises and let everything else just wash over me.

I’d love to tell you that I didn’t feel at all guilty about my ‘time out’ day but I can’t. For the truth is, I did feel guilty. All blinking day. But the more guilt I felt at not doing anything, the more I realised I needed to do exactly that.

We’re all so busy with life these days that we often forget that it’s perfectly ok and actually incredibly healthy for us to take some time out of our manic routines to relax and just be. Which is really quite sad if you think about it.

Us ladies are notorious do-ers and multi-taskers. We have work to do, children to look after, family and friends to worry about, not to mention everything else that is going on around us.

And whilst most women I know are indeed rather ‘super’, the fact is, none of us are ‘superwoman’. We’re just like everyone else, we need time to ourselves, time to relax, time to unwind and re-boot.

Achieving things and getting stuff done is great, but if, like me, you struggle to turn off and relax, then perhaps it’s time you have a little re-think and put yourself first for a change.

Take some time out – even if it’s just for an hour- and do nothing.

Yes, it will feel strange and you’ll probably feel bad about it at first, but when you realise that actually your life hasn’t collapsed because you’ve stood still for a while, you’ll feel brighter, happier, less stressed and empowered for doing it.

And who knows, with any luck, you may even make it more of a regular thing! After all, even superwoman wasn’t on duty all of the time ;-)

Till the next time,




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  • So, so true!
    If I sit still I find I can’t silence my mind (I would be seriously rubbish at meditation!)
    It would be so nice to just switch off.
    We should all remember to ‘be kind to yourself’.

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