Why do we care

WHAT people think about us?

What they may say behind our back or in the company of others.

Why do we care if people like us or not?  Some people will, others won’t.

So what’s the big deal?

Why do we care if people look at us in the street or when we’re out and about? Surely it’s better to be noticed than to be invisible?

Isn’t it?

Why do we care if people like what we wear?

I wear, what I wear, because it makes me happy. Shouldn’t we only dress for ourselves, in clothes that make us feel great?

Why do we care about the people that we shouldn’t? The ones who treat us poorly or are unpleasant to be around.

Shouldn’t we just walk away from those whom no longer make us feel good?

Why do we care about what other people say we should be doing?

As a parent. A colleague. A partner. Or a friend. Who’s life is it anyway?

Why do we care if people think we’re doing something wrong? We all have our own way of doing things.

What makes someone the keeper of all rights?

Why do we care so much about what other people think of us, that some of us stop being whom we are supposed to be?

That we may dim our light, hide our true selves or pretend to be someone else.

Why do we care how we appear?

Why do we want more likes, more followers, more comments?

Why do we judge ourselves by someone else’s opinion?

And isn’t it time we stopped?

As human beings we all have a desire to be liked, admired and loved. We all need to know that our time here, in this world, is worth something. We all crave to be seen, heard and valued.

Whether we are 18 or 78. A high flyer or a stay at home mum. That desire to be loved and appreciated is the same for all of us.

And this is why we care. But.




What if we started to like, admire and love…ourselves?

What if we started to realise and understand that…just by being here, we are worthy?

What if we started to truly…see, hear and value ourselves?

Would we care so much then, about the opinions of others?

Probably not.

So isn’t it time we started to do this?

And isn’t it about time we finally stopped caring…about what other people think?


With love,







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