I SWEAR I have the loveliest readers.

Thanks so much to those of you who have messaged or emailed me recently to ask if everything is OK. You’re right, I have been a little quiet on the blog of late but hopefully this little vlog I recorded this morning will explain why.

In a nutshell, all is fine, many plans are afoot and I promise, there’s lots of super content on it’s way! (I just need life to calm down a little first.)



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  • Yay it’s lovely to see your happy face back :) You’re a busy bee and I completely understand that some things need to go on hold for a bit – you have all your priorities right :) PS I LOVE your hair style and colour – it’s exactly what I’m aiming for! x x

    • Thanks so much Mim! That’s lovely of you. P.S You’ll look gorgeous whatever hair style and colour you go for! x

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