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WHEN I’m not blogging, you can find me sat at a desk typing away, getting my creative head on for clients.

I work as both a journalist and PR and I absolutely love what I do. Yes, there are other strings to my professional bow but these are the two services which are my most popular.

Today I want to talk about PR and help get you into a public relations state of mind.

PR is one of those things that everyone knows they ‘should’ be doing but not many do. We all know it can and does work but yet PR activity often falls by the wayside or is pushed to the bottom of a packed to do list.

But yet it shouldn’t. Because trust me when I say, it’s very important. To your success, building a reputation and creating opportunities.

Forgetting my PR clients and speaking as a blogger and freelancer for a moment, PR is critical to my longevity and ambitions. And it is to yours.

Successful PR does require time and a certain amount of creativity but there are many things anyone can do which will help to boost your profile, drive sales or gain exposure.

Today I thought I’d share some of these with you. Here are my top 10 PR tips.


1) Make it easy for people to contact you

You would be amazed at how many businesses and bloggers I’ve come across whom I cannot find contact details for, so please for the love of god, make it easy for people to contact you!

Make sure your website or blog has a contact page which presents clear information on how people can get in touch and be active on social media.

If your contact details aren’t there, in black and white, people will move on and find someone else.


2) Be professional & friendly

Always respond to every media enquiry asap, even if it’s not your cup of tea.

Be professional, polite and pleasant. You will never know when you may come across that person again or need their help so don’t burn bridges.


3) Don’t be afraid of reaching out

The media need stories. They need news and devour it! Every. Single. Day.

Being a journalist is hard work, you’re constantly on the lookout for something interesting to share with your readers and you’re constantly up against the clock. It’s tough. So make it easy for them!

If you have a news worthy story (see next point) contact the press and see if they would like to share it.

How? Easy.


a) Creating a well written press release and sending it


b) Dropping a journalist a short, brief email or giving them a quick call

Most of the time journalists are just far too busy to be actively looking for stories, so do them a favour and take a good story to them.

Finally, always, wherever possible, ensure that you’ve got a decent high res image too which they can use. Us journos love a good picture story.


4) But do make sure you have news worth offering!

Nobody wants to waste anyone’s time so before you go off in excitement contacting every Tom, Dick and Harry from a press list, THINK.

Have you really got something of value to share? Is your news interesting? Worthy? Unusual? Can it help people? Is it amusing? Is your accompanied image decent and of a good quality?

For example, your local paper probably won’t care if you have just launched a new blog. But, they may indeed care if your blog has been nominated for a national award or has gained some celebrity interest.

When it comes to news, think success (promotion, award), events (good causes, high profile), fame (celebrities, success in your field) the unusual (interesting facts, incredible stories) and the human (real life, emotion, compassion).


5) Never hound

If you want to annoy the hell out of a journalist, then just hound them. Call them, send numerous emails and stalk them on social media.

Oh you don’t? Brilliant.

When you have news to share, get in touch with the press (as in point 3) and then let them get on and do their jobs.

If a journalist wants to use your story, they will. If they want to get in touch, they will. If they need you, trust me, they will let you know.


6) Be available

Give the media what they want.

If they need something immediately, respond urgently. If they need a decent comment, provide one. If they need you to be somewhere for a certain time, be there. If you cannot help them or don’t want to, please let them know.

Every business should have a media pack ready at hand to send digitally and if you’re a blogger you may want to consider this also.


7) Deal with the media graciously

If your story has been used or you’ve been featured in a publication, it’s polite to say thank you. A simple tweet or email will suffice but if a publication has gone to town on you, a handwritten letter is lovelier.

Always share your coverage and help boost the media’s readership too while you’re at it.


8) Shout out about your press!

Share recent coverage via your social media channels and make sure all press is displayed on your website or blog.

Add a press page (Here’s mine for example) where you can upload images of your coverage and links too, if you have been featured online.


9) Create opportunities

But I’ve got nothing newsworthy to share, you cry! Then create it!

Set some time aside, brainstorm and write down some ideas. How can you boost your PR? Well here are a few ways for starters:

Become an ‘expert’. Get involved with a charity. Start a campaign. Share your success. Do something interesting. Provide something of value. Write from the heart.

Do a guest post for a successful blog or organisation. Be available to provide comments and share expertise. Create photo opportunities that the press will love. Work with others.

Think, think, think and then create your own news.


10) Finally, always remember YOU are your best PR.

Whether you’re on your own or working for an organisation, never ever underestimate the power of YOU.

How you speak, how you communicate, what you say, what you publish, what you create, how you dress and how you treat people speaks volumes about who you are and what you do.

Present yourself wisely and at your best but always with authenticity. Use social media carefully. Don’t get dragged into unpleasant conversations and don’t be negative about others, unless it’s just. Whether we like it or not, the fact is that people judge. All of the time.

So don’t let yourself down. Dress well, speak with positivity, have integrity, be professional, have manners and always present yourself as the best YOU possible.

Remember, people are watching. And reading.


With love,







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25 Discussions on
“Top Ten PR Tips”
  • In a former life I worked in Marketing and PR and this all rang so true. I’m sure this list will be very helpful for lots of people, especially bloggers and small business owners.

  • Kate this is one of your best posts to date. Agree with every single point and is relevant across all genres, my Dad always instilled the importance of Pr into me and I learnt so much in the film industry as a huge proportion of film budgets go into press and advertising. this will help so many people, there are millions of blogs and businesses out there so you need to shout about your USP’s to be found and heard. Content is King and PR is Queen and without it, you could be greatest thing since (wheat free) sliced bread but no one would know. I know people complain of not having confidence but it’s important to build on that and get more American about self promotion. This rocks. Love it x

    • Thank you so much sweetpea! I think this is one of your best comments to date! It’s so true, you can write the best content in the world or be the best in your field but if no one knows about you, well…it won’t get you very far. You’re brilliant at it though, so proud of you x

  • As a former PR myself with clients in all sorts of fields this would be the advice I’d have given myself! A cracking post again lovely with oodles of tips to promote yourself and your blog or business. I found myself nodding along with each point, especially as I’ve just updated my media page with my recent coverage for Noom and I’m about to go on local radio tomorrow! One thing I’d add? Ask the clients you work with for testimonials and pop them on your blog too – nothing sells like recommendations from others. X

    • So glad you agree darling Michelle! And yes, agreed, love the testimonials tip too. Very important and one that I always do. Thanks for bringing it up x

  • Thank you for doing this post. I’ve been writing professionally for a long time but in a more technical field than my blog. I’m looking to take my blog forward and PR is something I definitely need help with, I’ll certainly be exploring some of your tips.

  • Super tips! I am not from this world at all, I’ve never before had to deal with any media, journalists or PR folk before but you’re right – just be professional and nice and that goes a long way! Thanks for sharing. Great advice. Jess x

  • BOOKMARKED! I think I love you – this is the thing i struggle with most. I’m definitely not THAT bad, but I’m not great either. I’m going to live this in November. I’ll let you know how I get on :)

    Thanks for linking in to #TheList xxx

  • I’m going to print this out with your permission and stick it on my board for inspiration. In the sea of internet information – particularly PR – I really like this for the simplicity of message and excellent layout of your post.

    Something I’m learning all the time is have as much white space as possible. Particularly with cartoons but certainly with the written word. Being a BiBS2014 Finalist, I contacted my local BBC radio station and did an interview which turned out to be great fun and created much feedback. You’ve reminded me that the media is always crying out for stories. Many thanks x

  • I really enjoyed reading your post, very interesting coming from the other ‘PR’ end! You shared some really good points that I’m going to find very useful in the future so thank you! #AllAboutYou

  • Brilliant tips as always Kate! I thin you’re bang on the money about confidence, truly believing in yourself and what you’re trying to achieve is essential in this game xx #allaboutyou

  • Great tips! I have a degree in public relations and I agree that I think far too many people don’t realize the importance of it and how far reaching it is. I think your final point may be the most important for bloggers. It’s easy for me to spot who is authentic and who is not. I gravitate towards authenticity, as does everyone else.

  • Excellent advice! Having worked in Marketing & PR for years, it’s all so spot on, and ridiculous that as bloggers we often forget to apply it to ourselves – well, I sure do! Note to self, must listen to Katie, and must to better!! Pinned!

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