Today I'm pissed off because...

Today I'm pissed off because...

IT’S rare that I swear or have a good ol’ moan on here. Very rare in fact.

This blog is all about positivity, empowerment, humour and glamour. Normally that is.

But today is going to be different I’m afraid. Because today I need to have a rant. Because I’m angry and sad and disappointed and just totally cheesed off with the world. And I need to share it.

If it’s not your cup of tea, then please do come back another day when I will return with positivity a mucho and plenty of smiles.

For the rest of you, why not share with me what you’re pissed off about right now and let’s put the world to rights  together.



Today I am pissed off because…


  • A man who pumped four bullets into his girlfriend and killed her has just been given a measly 5 year sentence.
  • This man won’t even spend those five years in prison. No, no, no. He’ll spend most of that time at home on house arrest, because he’s broken you see.
  • This ‘broken’ man gets compassion, but his murdered ex? Well she gets no justice at all really, same for her family, all because he didn’t ‘mean’ to do it. Because he didn’t think of actually speaking out and asking his girlfriend where she was before he pulled the trigger. (Four times.)
  • A man who is a convicted rapist is walking the streets with a smile on his face and a girlfriend on his arm whilst the woman he raped has had to go into hiding. Again. Because people have released her name and new identity on social media. Because people have forgotten that she is the VICTIM.
  • A convicted rapist is still seen as a hero by many football fans – male and female. Because they sang a song, supporting him and mocking her, joyous at his release and possible re-signing to his old football club.
  • Some people still think that rape is something to be joked about. That it’s trivial.
  • A talented woman, professional broadcaster and mother to a daughter, somehow thinks that rape is ‘non violent’ and doesn’t cause ‘bodily harm’ and decided to air those views on national TV for all to listen to.
  • A previous freelancing client of mine whom I have had to chase more times than you can imagine for late payment has questioned my professional integrity and not paid me what I am rightly owed.
  • A lovely, warm and giving friend of mine has been betrayed by one of her friends. Because that person has tried to sell a story to the press about her personal life, behind her back.
  • Good people get taken too early. And they often get forgotten.
  • A professional woman in the media decided to share a picture of her bottom with the world, just before she carried out a interview with two talented and well respected singers. Because by behaving in such a way (even though her bottom is lovely) it ridicules the professionalism of women, in a society which already seems to place beauty above talent or self respect.
  • More and more naturally beautiful woman are ruining their looks and looking ridiculous by injecting their faces with too much botox and fillers. Because they are terrified of ageing. Because they fail to realise how gorgeous they are.
  • Most women are too afraid or too confused to call themselves a feminist.
  • Most men won’t call themselves feminists and think that feminism is about them. Or hating them. (It isn’t).
  • I go on Facebook and I see too much hatred.
  • I go on Twitter and I see too much self promotion.
  • As a woman I’m not supposed to have too much of a voice. Because as a woman, I’m expected to accept my lot.
  • Women are always expected to be super women. Because we do too much. Because we’re taken for granted. Because our worth is not appreciated. Because it doesn’t matter if we are murdered or get raped, as long as the men who did it are alright.


All of these things above make me sad. They make me livid. They make me disillusioned. They make me want to scream.

But they also make me want to speak out, change things, develop and become more self aware. To become a better person. To make more of a stand. To become one of life’s ‘good eggs’, not one of the rotters.

As with everything that is bad and shitty in this world, there’s always something we can learn from, isn’t there?


With love,







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