PoutingFINAL 81

PoutingFINAL 81

TODAY I was going to write about style.

That was my big plan.

But then the General Election happened and I’m sat here finding myself unable to do it. To write about something seemingly so trivial at a time when what is happening to this country is so much more important.

And so apologies to those who would rather I wrote about pretty things today, but today I am about to get political and have my say.

Because I need to get some things off my chest. And because the need to express my woe at the news that we are heading for a Tory government is too great to ignore.

Firstly, before I begin, let me just say this post is not a pop at Tory voters. As my husband wisely said this morning; “whether we like it or not, the people have spoken.” 

So wise and so true. And this of course has to be respected. And I do.

A democracy is all about people having their say, voicing their opinions and voting for what they believe in. And no one can deny this is a beautiful thing even if today’s result appears ugly to me.

But I’m afraid I cannot help but be sad and fearful about what the future holds for all of us. I’m afraid I cannot rejoice with you, Tory readers and voters. I wish I could but I cannot.

Because personally, I am sad that the majority of the country has voted for a Tory majority.

Because personally, I am devastated that my daughter will have to grow up under a Tory government.

Because personally, I’m astonished that so many people think the Tories are the only answer to our country’s prayers.

And this is why.

I am not the greatest political mind, sadly. Neither do I know all the ins and outs of every manifesto. (Although as the last coalition proved manifestos are just promises that can be easily broken.)

And nope, I surely do not know it all. Damn.

But I can tell you what I do know. I can tell you THIS.

Where I live, the last coalition Government has made life much more difficult for people. And that we have a food bank here now because people are too poor to buy food for their families.

Where I live, when a Tory Government was in power in the eighties, people in my town had their livelihoods destroyed and their communities obliterated, with not a thought for their future or the future of their families.

Where I live, this town has taken almost 30 years to get back on its feet since Maggie Thatcher. Three whole decades.


The town I grew up in, no longer has a hospital with an A&E department, thanks to the Tory-led Coalition Government and it is not alone.

The friends I know who work with the sick and injured are terrified of the future of the NHS with a Tory Government in power. They are also overstretched, undervalued and of course, underpaid.

The teachers I know – my Husband included – who know education inside and out, have been ignored by the Tories who think only they know what is best for our children. They are given little say, yet every day they see more children coming to school hungry and poorly treated.

The people I know who are have suffered misfortune, be that through unemployment or sickness, are struggling to survive thanks to the Government that has ruled for the past five years.


As a self employed woman, the Tory led coalition Government – which was all for people like me apparently- did nothing for me, NOTHING.

They haven’t – as I always hear from Tory millionaires – made it easier for me to stay in business or become more successful sadly.

And as a mother? Well life for my family has only been made harder.

My husband and I are fortunate enough to earn good salaries, to own our own family home and to enjoy many of the fruits of our labour.

But even we have been squeezed. Even we have looked at our finances, shaked our heads at the rising cost of living and said to each other numerous times, “how the hell do other people – who aren’t as financially fortunate as us – survive?!”

So I’m afraid I cannot be happy about the future today, I just cannot.

Perhaps I will be wrong.

Perhaps the Tories will be the best thing to ever happen to this country.

Perhaps I will eat my words.


But my gut instinct and the unshakeable feeling in the pit of my stomach is that life for many, many people in this beautiful country of ours is only getting to worse.

I do hope, truly hope, that in a few years time I will be telling you all I made a huge mistake and that life will be rosier for all of us under the Tories. (Not just the privileged few.)

And I hope that the only reason we will all ever be blue is because of who is in power, not because of what they will do.

But right now, I find it hard to believe it will ever happen.

So right now, I remain and stand, defiantly and proudly red.



With love,








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