things i love about autumn

things i love about autumn


THE last few days have been cold and wet and I have bloody well loved them.

Yep you heard me. I have LOVED them!

Finally Autumn has arrived and it’s now cold enough to get out your chunky knits, rock your fur (faux hopefully) and stick the central heating on.

I adore this time of year. Seriously. Probably because I was born at the end of November, possibly because Autumn/Winter fashion is just so damn fabulous.

Whatever the reason, I cannot deny that I actually like the dark nights and grey days. Ok, so getting dressed and leaving the house can be a little trickier what with all the different layers and accessories an’ all but it’s just so cosy!

Here’s what else I ADORE about this time of year…



1) The fashion – from snuggly fur to winter boots, fabulous tights to cosy hats, sparking Christmas sequins to chunky scarves, this season’s fashion has got it all going on.

2) Autumnal colours – all seasons have their own particular beauty but Autumn takes the winner’s spot for me. From mustard leaves to vibrant red berries, nature’s natural colour palette sure is spectacular at this time of year.

3) Crunchy leaves – that sound!

4) Beauty routines become easier – now the cold weather has arrived with a bang, we can all take a collective sigh of relief and relax our beauty routines a little.

Ditch the fake tan (pale is oh so chic at this time of year), chill out about your pedicures and hide stubbly legs under tights. All you need for this season are immaculate nails (your hands are one of the few bits of you that are not covered up!) a good hat (to save your hair from the elements) and berry coloured lips.

5) The light – on a perfect Autumnal day when the sun is out but it’s still got that nip in the air, the natural light is just beautiful and makes for stunning photographs.

6) The dark – ok, so it’s hard to wake up in the morning (especially when it’s 5am, thank you Elsie!) but the darkness is pretty stunning. Gaze at those stars and wave hello to the man in the moon. 

7) Candles – You can never have enough of these in your house. Ever. Light those candles and watch your surroundings become magical. 

8) Hallowe’en – yep it’s a bit over the top but it’s an excuse for fun and kids love it. 

9) Bonfire night – sparklers, fireworks, black peas (Lancashire folk will get this one) and parkin. Thanks Guy Fawkes.

10) Cosy nights in –  with your candles a glow and the evenings getting darker, there’s just something about staying in that seems more appealing so embrace it. Watch a decent box set, crack open the wine and relax.

11) Cosy duvet days – there is no better excuse for a duvet day than when the weather is rubbish. Rock your PJs, put on a film and open the biscuit tin.

12) Hot drinks – from endless cups of tea to large mugs of hot chocolate, this season is all about hot drinks that warm the cockles.

13) Parties – from now until Christmas is party central as everyone gets social and begins to feel festive. 

14) It’s easier to get the kids to sleep – Elsie finds it SO much easier to go to sleep when the sun isn’t forcing it’s way in through the curtains. Early, dark nights? Get. In. 

15) Winter walks – good for the legs, good for the lungs, good for the appetite and good for the soul. Breathe in that fresh air. Aaahhh.

16) Comfort food – as much as I love a good salad, the food at this time of year is traditional, warming and filling. Nothing like a bit of Autumnal stodge.

17) Booze – from hot toddies to sparkling bubbles, from now until the New Year, it’s tipple time so fill up your glass.

18) Christmas is coming – Yes it’s a few weeks away yet but the shops are decked out in all their tinselled glory, the weather feels festive and Santa will be here before you know it.  (Let’s just not talk about shopping side of things yet.)






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