The language of legs…

MY legs are one of my best assets so I tend to ‘show them off’ in skinny jeans, dresses and fabulous high heels.

However I’ve never thought about what my legs may actually be saying about me… that is until now.

The clever people at Lycra have carried out a study into the language of legs in celebration of a new trend for ‘nude’ tights as  famously worn by the Duchess of Cornwall.

They say that our legs reveal much more about us than we’d perhaps like to think, especially in work situations and that crucially they can also be the ‘key to confidence’. Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James explains.

“Thinking about the way in which you stand, sit or pose when in a work situation can really help boost your inner confidence and also project a positive image to work colleagues.
“It can dramatically alter the way you are perceived by colleagues and those around you.”

According to Honey, there are five main poses used by women, all of which provide psychological insight into our personality and what we are thinking. So ladies, what does your pose say about you?


Are you the ‘Demure Diva’?


The Demure Diva


Legs crossed at the ankle and knees together. Soft and feminine, this is often a royal pose. It says “It’s nice to meet you.”


Or what about the ‘Go-Getter’?


The Go-Getter


 Standing with one leg in front of the other, this is a strong confident pose. It says “Pay attention because I’m going straight to the top.”


Perhaps you’re ‘Artfully Assertive’?


The Artfully Assertive


Legs crossed at the knees in a traditionally feminine but sexually strong position. It says “I know how to have fun too!”


Or a serious ‘Networker’?


The Networker


Seated with legs slightly to one side, knees and ankles together but not crossed. It says “Let’s talk business.”


Maybe you’re the ‘Confident Presenter’


The Confident Presenter


Standing with feet hip width apart, toes pointing forwards. It says “Trust me…I know what I’m talking about!”

In all honesty, I think I use a variety of these poses, but it’s interesting to understand the signals that these poses can give out.

From now on, whenever I feel nervous in the future in a work situation, I’m going to try and bear these in mind and make sure that my pose is more confident. It may not make much difference but it surely can’t hurt can it?!

Till the next time,




P.S  Pouting In Heels tip – If you’re a fan of nude tights but can’t find any that don’t ladder, keep an eye out for tights that feature the Lycra Fashion Fibre logo. (The technology means they won’t let you down and ladder easily!)

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