The cutest personalised photobook (EVER?!) and your chance to win one!

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I LOVE photos.

(And as some of you may know, I also love being in photos. *winks*)

But more than anything I love capturing memories and taking photographs of Elsie. It’s one of my most favourite things to do.

Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy and have got some time, I’ll drop and shoot with my snazzy SLR, but more often than not, I’ll snap a shot with my phone camera, pop it on Instagram, add a filter and voila!

I love taking images of Elsie just as she is. In the moment. At her best. (And occasionally at her grumpy worst.)

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, revisiting old memories and days gone by is blissful. And occasionally when I come across an old photo of Elsie as a newborn, it brings tears to my eyes.

Such is the power of a photo ey?

So when I heard that you can turn your favourite Instagram images into new mini photobooks with Fujifilm, I was more than a bit chuffed when they asked if I would like to review their new POP BOOK and have a go myself.




This tiny, oh so cute photobook was created in just a couple of minutes and as photobooks go, it was – by a country mile – the easiest one I have ever created.

So easy in fact, that I said to my husband who was sat next to me at the time, “That can’t be it! Surely it can’t be that simple?!”

But whatdoyaknow? It was.


POP BOOK open bag


Using the special app (only available on iPhones and iPads currently) I just downloaded my favourite images of Elsie from my Instagram account and a few minutes later I was all done and hitting the order button.

About a week later my gorgeous book arrived and I have to say, I’m really impressed. The quality is lovely, the images (mainly just ones taken on my phone) look great and it is the sweetest thing ever.




What’s more it is also the perfect handbag size. Well done POP BOOK!

At just £4.99 (yep less than a fiver!) these books are so good and so simple to create, you’ll want to order them for everyone. And who can blame you?


POPBOOK one page


You’ll need 21 images to create a book and you can then go wild with your creativity; uploading images, adding filters and adding a white or black background to personalise as you wish. To get started just download the app and away you go!

I love my little POP BOOK. And Elsie did too, eagerly flicking through it with her inquisitive toddler hands. As she turned the pages, she said: “They’re all of me, Mummy!”

Yes they are darling.

A POP BOOK full of Elsie. I can’t stop looking at it. *sighs*



Fancy getting your mitts on one? Then I have good news!

Five lucky Pouting In Heels readers will win one for themselves! Just enter below using Rafflecopter and best of luck! x

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With love,






Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by POP BOOK but as always, all opinions are my own.

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“The cutest personalised photobook (EVER?!) and your chance to win one!”

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