PoutingFINAL 36

PoutingFINAL 36

IN the three or so years that I have been blogging, I am forever amazed at the wealth of blogging talent that I come across.

Day in, day out.

At the ability, determination and creativity of bloggers. Women (and men) just like me – who pour their hearts out, who write ferociously, who share parts of their lives – for all the world to read and see.

So I love this time of year. Why?

Well because it’s time for the Brilliance in Blogging 2015 nominations. A time to celebrate bloggers, show some appreciation and share some blogger love.

The time of year when bloggers ask/ beg / plead for your votes and mine. And let me tell you, it’s a big ol’ thing to us bloggers. It makes us nervous, excited and a little bit crazy as we hope that we may just make the cut this year.

Nominations let us know that we’re doing ok, that we’re achieving something and that we’re touching people’s hearts and minds. Which to us bloggers, is pretty much everything.

So trust me when I say, even though awards are definitely NOT why we do this, your votes and your confidence in us, really does mean the world.


So will you vote for me?

PoutingFINAL 38


So, first things first, I hate doing this but you know, now that I’m a blogger (and a professional blogger at that!) it’s part of the deal. I have to do this, sooooo, *takes deep breath*…

Lovely readers, if I’ve ever made you think, warmed your cockles or made you feel inspired or entertained, I would absolutely love it (and would bounce off the ceiling in joy!) if you would be kind enough to nominate me for a Brilliance in Blogging Award.

A few super duper people already have nominated me in the INSPIRE category so if you’d like to nominate me for this one too, well then that would be amazing. More than amazing in fact, it would be bloody marvellous!

I bare my soul on this ol’ blog because I’m truly passionate about trying to inspire other women to feel better about themselves. Because I know how hard it is to dig yourself out of a dark hole and seek the light. I’ve been there and my goodness me, let’s just say I’ve worn a few T-shirts over the years.

So if you would like to vote for me – and more importantly – if you think I deserve it, here’s all the info you need.

Open the nomination form by clicking HERE and enter the following underneath the INSPIRE category:

(Alternatively, you may like to nominate me in the writer category instead. But you know, it’s all entirely up to you! Any votes would be incredible.)

Blog name: Pouting In Heels

URL: http://www.poutinginheels.com

Twitter ID: @KateLPortman

Blogger’s email: katie@poutinginheels.com

URL of your favourite post: this one is totally up to you of course but if you need some inspiration, here are five posts I’m particularly proud of:

 A letter to women in abusive relationships – from a survivor of one, me

35 rules for women to live by

What a woman talking about chips taught me about body image

How to fall in love with your body

We’re failing new mums and it’s NOT good enough

Thank you! x


So who gets my vote?

PoutingFINAL 32

Good question!

I’ve toyed with this for so long now but I’ve finally made my mind up. Here’s my cream of the crop, my firm favourites that I’ve voted for.

(I just wish there were more categories like fitness, lifestyle, interiors etc so I can include more of my talented blogging pals! Sorry to all those who didn’t quite fit a category or I couldn’t squeeze in. x)



Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

I discovered Amy’s blog a few weeks ago and am already hooked. Amy writes like a dream, takes incredible photographs and her content is superb. Oh and her blog looks very swish too.

Unbelievably, Amy hasn’t been blogging for long at all but my goodness me, from what I can see and from what I have read so far, the blogging world has gained a new vibrant blogging star.



Eats Amazing

Grace’s blog is just brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Like mini pieces of art, her food creations, although healthy are the stuff of kid’s dreams and always make me want to try harder as both a mother and a cook!

The creativity, the passion, the flair and the talent is just something to behold. Really wonderful.



Headspace Perspective

Yes I am indeed asking for votes for this category but I’m also voting in this category and not for myself but for my marvellous blogging buddy Leigh.

Leigh is the epitome of an inspirational blogger, sharing her soul and using her story to help others and make the world a better place.

As a writer and blogger, I admire anyone who has the courage to share their stories, to talk about their dark places and to reach out, as she does so brilliantly, to others. She and her blog – that she set up in memory of her son Hugo – really are something special.



Bod For Tea

Whenever I think about what I love about social media, I immediately think about the people who inspire through their feeds and who are generous of spirit, and so Michelle, for me, was the natural choice.

Michelle consistently shares other blogger’s posts (a very generous thing to do) and her social media channels radiate with positivity, joy and thankfulness, as does her rather wonderful blog.

She has also created a super linky which encourages more bloggers to be joyful and to share the blogging love.



Mummy Says

This was the toughest category for me. The hardest choice to make as I could fill this 100 times over! Argh! How on earth do I pick?!

In the end I’ve gone for the blogger whose writing I admire. Whose writing leaves me in awe and a little green with envy (in the nicest possible way!). Whose posts about motherhood are so beautiful, so poetic, so profound that reading them feels like a real treat. That blogger, that amazing writer, is the incredible Kiran.



Capture By Lucy

Whenever I think of photography, the first blogger that instantly springs to mind is lovely talented Lucy.

Lucy’s images are just heavenly (like seriously) and her blog is a dream. Whenever I want instant visual inspiration or just a pretty online place to hang out, I always head on over to her stunning blog and I am never disappointed.



Mums’ Days

My buddy Hannah had to get my vote in this category, because besides being a brilliant blogger and wonderful writer (her writing always makes me smile) she’s also set herself one hell of a travel challenge!

This year she has decided to visit all 45 castles in Northumberland with her little boy Reuben in tow and invites other people to join them! Her features are uplifting, humorous and real and her photography is captivating. Both Hannah and her travel challenge, always warm my cockles.



Mama & More!

The gorgeous Zaz is my heroine of style in the blogging world. Why? Because although she has style, glamour and beauty in spades, she also has substance in equal measure. There is much ‘more’ to her than meets the eye and this I love.

Her style posts are not the norm, making her stand out from the crowd and her stunning writing oozes with wisdom, wit and intelligence.



You Baby Me Mummy

Another toughie but my vote has to go to Aby. I’m in awe of Aby if I’m honest. Of how she manages to tackle motherhood and blogging so brilliantly and so successfully. (Because both things are so tough at times!)

Her lovely blog oozes warmth and cosiness and is packed with charming family tales, heart warming images and blogging pearls of wisdom. Kind, clever and wise, Aby is a joy to know and a real ‘motherly’ figure to all bloggers -new and old.


Good luck to all bloggers entered into the awards and a big thank you to anyone who has voted for me in the BiBs. xxx

With love and fingers crossed,






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