The best interior design book ever

QUITE  a statement to make ey?

But seriously, this book, that I am about to share with you, is an absolute belter. A stonker of an interior design book that I just know you are going to adore.

My life currently – besides juggling a demanding freelancing career with toddler parenting – is all about interiors, as I attempt to make our lovely house, which needs LOTS of work, into a beautiful, comfortable and stylish home.

Built in the 1920s, our house has many original features and heaps of potential, but hadn’t seen much TLC, until we moved in just under two years ago when Elsie was still a newborn. (Yep, I still shudder at this memory!)

As I type, my husband is currently cursing whilst trying to remove wood chip from our hallway. I can’t blame him, wood chip is an absolute bugger to get off walls!

Anyway, you get the picture. We have much work to do with our home, which is why when I came across ‘Making A House Your Home’ in my local TK Maxx, I immediately grabbed it and plopped it in my basket with glee.


Interior design book 3interior design book 1.jpg


This book is brilliant. A real cracker. Written by Clare Nolan, the Lifestyle Editor of YOU magazine, it really is beautiful, packed with over 300 inspiring, vibrant images and many, many tips. There are even step by step projects for the most adventurous.

‘Making A House Your Home’ covers everything you can think of when it comes to transforming your home. Every single room is catered for, from how to decorate your hallway (I’ve been devouring these pages recently) to creating a bedroom for your teenage daughter.


interior design book 2


There is brilliant advice in spades; on how to maximise your space, beautify your quarters and get more organised. But the thing that makes this book really stand out, and what makes me love it so much, is the fact that it encourages you to work with what you already have and to find your own unique style so that your house becomes a true, stunning reflection of you and your family.

It isn’t just about creating a show stopping house, it is about helping and encouraging you to build a HOME.

And I’m not the only one to love it. Interior guru Kelly Hoppen is also a fan;

What is different to many is the emphasis on styling as it is such an amazing way to reinvent, refresh and re-energise your interiors without having to redecorate your entire home. This book exceeds any I have seen before.”

So, if like me, you can’t stand houses that are ‘matchy matchy’ and lacking in personality, trust me, you will love this. If, like me, you prefer and have more of an eclectic style, you will adore it.

And if, like me, you’re desperate for inspiration as you have so much work to do in your home, then honestly, you need to buy this book.

It looks great, it’s fascinating and will certainly get your creative juices flowing, but beyond all of this, I have a feeling it may just well change your life.


What do you think? Do you like the sound of this book? Have you come across any fabulous interior design books?

With love (and pouts!),





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