The best beauty products I’ve discovered over the past year (or so)

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AH beauty products.

They often promise so much yet deliver so little.

However these little ‘beauties’ below are ones that you can rely on. Products that are the cream of an overflowing crop. Little belters that will most certainly help you feel and look amazing.

In my humble opinion of course.

Some of them have been sent to me by brands (I’m a fortunate woman that’s for sure) but most of them I’ve bought myself.

True they are a random eclectic bunch, but all of these products have two things in common:

They deliver great results AND they’ve impressed me enough to make me want to share them with you.

(If you’ve tried any, please do let me know what you think!)


Super beauty products


FRANK body scrub, £11.95 – This is quite probably the ugliest body scrub in the world. However, do not let that put you off, because the product itself is incredible. Housed in a dull brown envelope type-of-packaging awaits the best body scrub you will ever try.

Made from a mix of roasted and ground robusta coffee, brown sugar, sea salt and almond oil, this nifty product buffs your skin to as near to perfection as you’re ever going to get, leaving limbs silky soft and glowing.

Just don’t forget to give your shower or bath a good rinse after (this stuff is messy!) or if you don’t like the smell of coffee, to ignore the pong!


SASS products – I’m including the whole damn collection of this range in here, because after trying most of them i’m really impressed.

SASS products are a new range of ‘intimate care’ products (oooh la la) designed to help women feel more confident and well, sassy.

Whilst I don’t agree that women need to wash ‘down there’ with special products or use ‘refreshing’ spritzers – we all know that our lovely lady areas can look after themselves just perfectly, right?! – there are some really super product gems in this collection, including the perfect skin concentrate and PH balanced serum for starters.


the best beauty products I've come across in the past year


Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm, £20 – I’ve mentioned this gem of a product before, but it deserves an extra mention here because it’s just so damn fabulous.

If you’re looking for a kind but effective cleanser, then trust me, I don’t think you’ll find better than this one. Pair with a nice warm wet flannel (yep flannel!) and your skin is super clean and super soft in minutes. What’s more it’s 100% natural too. Hurrah!


Balance Me Radiant Face Mask, £18  – Yep, another product from the Balance Me brand which deserves another mention. This face mask is really lovely and always leaves me with glowing skin.

A must have product for those times when your skin is looking a little dull and below par.


brilliant make up products

Make Up

Lancome Grandoise Mascara in Black, £24.50 – I’m very partial to mascara so have tried many to find one that I truly love and finally, I think I might have cracked it.

This mascara delivers full fat lashes and does so brilliantly. If you like a natural look, then admittedly this may not be one for you, but if like me, you like to perk up your peepers with some serious eyelash action, then you will love it!

One coat adds drama and loveliness, perfect for the daytime, while two to three coats, takes up the glamour effect by a big ol’ notch. For luscious lashes, you really can’t go wrong. J’adore!


Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette, £9.99 – For subtle, pretty shimmer that won’t cost the earth, this is one hell of a product.

I’ve been continually disappointed by highlighting products in the past, because they’re too glittery or just not highlighting enough, but this palette is sublime and just the thing to add some subtle glow this summer.

Admittedly, I would never have bought it or tried it (as I say because I’ve been continually disappointed with this kind of product) but thankfully, I was sent a lovely Cohorted Beauty Box to try (a fabulous beauty box with fabulous, full size products inside ) which included it and I’m now a loyal fan.


Too Faced eyeshadow in Copper Peony, £12 – I really love this eyeshadow. The colour is gorgeous and contrasts really nicely with my hazel eyes and the formula is brilliant.

Great intensity and so easy to apply, it’s definitely made me keen to try out more from the range.


Liz Earle Signature Lip Colour in Dusk, £14 – My Mum passed this lippie my way as she’s not one for natural earthy colours and lucky me, because this is really gorgeous.

More sheer than normal lipstick, it’s incredibly moisturising and glossy, goes on like a dream and delivers just the right amount of colour and density to take my lips from drab to fab.

It’s ‘natural’ colour also means it’s the perfect lippie for daytime and as it’s so sheer and easy to apply, I can pop it on in a flash without needing a mirror, as I’m heading out the door with Elsie, my handbag and umpteen bits and bobs in tow.


Which products have you come across in the past year or so that you now couldn’t live without?! 

With love,




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4 Discussions on
“The best beauty products I’ve discovered over the past year (or so)”
  • You have lovely skin, pretty lady! I do love beauty products too. The Frank scrub sounds amazing but sadly I won’t be trying it because the smell of coffee makes me gag. Not so lovely! Oh, meant to tell you too I’ve been using the flannel trick with my regular Clinique cleanser, and it really makes a difference – my skin feels a lot softer than when I was just splashing the cleanser off. xxx

    • Ah thank you Leigh. Yes probably best leaving the scrub if you don’t like coffee! ;-) So chuffed to hear you’ve found a difference with the ol’ flannel trick too! It’s the best isn’t it?! So old school, but so brilliant! x

  • Love balance me it’s a fab brand isn’t it, smells amazing too.
    Must check out that sleek palette :-) xx

    • It’s an amazing brand Amy! One of my favourites and I’ve only recently discovered them. The sleek palette is really fabulous. x

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