I DON’T know about you, but I love this time of year.

That ‘back to school’ feeling.

That feeling of change in the air, that fresh start boost we all need and the thought of exciting opportunities ahead.

So when the lovely people at Zazzle asked me if I’d like to treat myself to some ‘back to school’ or if you like ‘back to blogging’ goodies, well I snapped their hands off! (Kinda)

I took it as the perfect opportunity to give myself a kick up the ol’ bottom and sort my office out, once and for all. A job I’ve been putting off for far too long.

Because you see for the past few years, since Elsie’s arrival I have been without an office or even a ‘proper’ desk, making ‘do’ ( as you do) with our dining room table and my beloved Macbook Air.

Elsie needed a nursery and our spare room was too big and too full of junk from when we moved house yonks ago, so having a work area was popped way down the bottom of the list of home & DIY priorities.

But as time has whizzed by, I’ve missed having a dedicated ‘Kate’ zone and so I figured it was finally time to sort my desk out.


I ordered myself a whole bunch of fabulous stuff from Zazzle including some inspirational posters and prints for the wall as well as lots of stationary including personalised notebooks, a pack of sticky notes and a weekly planner note pad.

notebooksNOTE PADS

And then I got to work on everything else!

The husband breathed some new life into our Mac for me (we both haven’t used it for years as we are both fortunate enough to have laptops) and I even got a little giddy and ordered myself a lovely new yellow (!) chair and purple floor lamp from Cult Furniture.

And with a bit of rejigging and a bit of washi tape sticking (I pinched this idea from a blogging pal, thanks for the inspiration Leigh!) here’s how it now looks!

desk bwallPRINTS

I have to say I’m pretty chuffed with it even though there’s still some things I need to order (like under desk drawers) and do (like sort out my papers, invoices etc).

It’s made me feel more professional – a must for me as I’ve got so many different projects on the go these days – it feels like a pleasant, pretty and inspiring place to work and it’s most definitely given me that delicious feeling of starting anew.

This is where the magic happens folks! ;-)


Now, if I can just keep my husband’s hands off it and Elsie’s inquisitive fingers at bay, I think I may just have cracked it. *smiles*

And finally, not to be forgotten,¬†Elsie also received a few gorgeous gifts to help her get her pre-school year at nursery off to a flying start with this jazzy personalised bag (perfect for nursery or swimming lessons I reckon!) and the prettiest and most practical lunchbox I’ve come across yet.

Aren’t they cute?!

elsie lunchboxelsie bag

Huge thank you to Zazzle for all of our fabulous ‘back to school’ things. It’s definitely helped to get us both back into the zone.

Ooooh change, there’s nothing like it, is there?!

With love,






*Disclaimer – this post was created in collaboration with Zazzle.


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    • It is! But if it hadn’t been for your wonderful work space, I would never have even thought of using it on the walls so thank you! I’ve been happy, writing at my pretty desk today. I feel like I am living a dream ;-) x

  • So pretty, I love it :-) I need my own desk space too – I use the dining table and it just gets covered in stuff! I love the back to school feeling too, a reason to do things differently. Thanks for the inspiration. Xx

  • I love all that stationery. I think I need some new notebooks for the start of the school year! Plus that “carpe the heck out of that diem” is the best inspirational poster I have ever seen. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  • Ooo loved getting a sneaky peek at where you wordsmith Mrs! Love all your inspirational posters and postcards and what a bright and sparkly space to create in. My office needs a huge makeover – I feel inspired! Hope Elsie enjoyed using her personalised back to school things too xxx

    • Thank you darling! Sat here now typing away and may even light my scented candle ;-) Having a dedicated work space feels amazing, I cannot lie. ;-) x

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