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CRISPY duck is one of my absolute favourite dishes of all time. (I just cannot get enough of Chinese food!) And tea, any kind of tea, is my favourite hot drink. So what do you get when you pop the two together? A very happy Katie, that’s what! One of the things I really enjoy doing over the Christmas period, when I have some time off work, is trying out a

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SPONSORED POST: Christmas only works if you believe in the magic

ON SATURDAY I went out for a festive afternoon tea in my pyjamas. Yep really. They were leopard print and really rather fetching as pj’s go. Naturally I wore them with super heels (the slippers stayed at home on this occasion) and accessorised them to the max. Well it is Christmas after all right? Anyway, it was a pretty special gathering. There was delicious food, the best Christmas cakes I’ve

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SPONSORED POST: Smart women celebrate brains (as well as beauty)

AS women we may still be judged on our looks, but it’s our intelligence, wit, kindness and charm that will take us places. Yes, it’s great to look and feel our best, but there has to be substance to back up our style, there has to be more to us all than just meets the eye. Otherwise, well, what on earth is the point?! Intelligence, knowledge and wisdom are all

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