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IT’S official, it is Summer time! (Even though the great British weather may not agree.) The kids are off school, the barbies are being dusted off and if you’re anything like me you’ll currently be in the midst of washing and ironing and packing, as you prepare to go off on holiday. Summer is just brilliant isn’t it?¬†Such a happy time, for children and parents alike. I love Summer! As

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A letter to phone calls: Why I hate speaking on the phone

  Dear phone calls, I’ve struggled with you over the years. And I’ve done my best to fall in love with you, like you even. But it’s time to admit that well, in all honesty, I just don’t like you very much. In fact – please don’t be hurt by this – but I actually like you very little. I don’t know why. To be fair, it’s not like I

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