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Rose gold and pretty flowers…

WHEN it comes to jewellery, big usually equals better for me. Or at least normally it does. I’m renowned amongst friends for my fan-dabby-dozzy chandelier earrings (Pat Butcher is my earring idol) and I’ve had a long love affair with statement necklaces and chunky embellished cuffs. But over the past year or so, I’ve started a new romance with daintier pieces of jewellery. Pieces that don’t scream but whisper. Pieces

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WIN a gorgeous set of tattoos (that you won’t regret years later!)

IF like me you love tattoos… but are a bit of a wuss when it comes to the thought of going under the needle, then this my friends is the competition for you! This is your chance to win a stunning set of tattoos that you can use to decorate your skin (or your outfit) safe in the knowledge that when you’ve had enough of them, you can remove them

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