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I’VE just blown a small fortune on this amazing pair of heels. I can’t really afford them in all honesty. So I probably ‘shouldn’t’ have bought them. But I did, because when I saw them, it felt like fate was calling. I’d just recorded a vlog about celebrating four years of blogging when an email landed in in my inbox. I clicked. It opened. And then I saw the shoes!

FRIDAY FIVE: Wise words to live by from one of the wisest women I’ve ever known

AS it’s International Women’s Day tomorrow, I wanted to do a special post to honour the occasion. Last year I wrote about how to be a better ‘sister‘ but this year, I was a little bit stuck for ideas. Finally, after wracking my brains over what to write, I had a brain wave. What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than to celebrate one remarkable woman by sharing some of her very

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YOUR SECRETS: Laura’s story, ‘How I’ve made myself a success in the music industry’

THIS month’s ‘Your Secrets’ story is an absolute belter. So good in fact, that I’ve been excited about sharing this with you for weeks. Many of you will probably recognise Laura White from her time on the X Factor a few years ago and the subsequent mass media attention she gained when she was shockingly voted out. And if you’ve ever wondered what you’ve been up to since the show,

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LIFE: How to be a happier person, part 2

CARRYING on from yesterday’s post, here are a few more ways to find that elusive happiness! Let go The only way to move on in life, is often just to let things go. The things we can’t control, the people who hurt us, the things that have happened in the past. Years ago, I was the world’s best at holding grudges but nowadays, I’ve realised that there’s so much more

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FRIDAY FIVE: Five things I’ve learnt about people when it comes to success

AT the grand ol’ age of 33, here’s what I’ve figured out about people so far when it comes to success. 1) People will often underestimate you… And that’s ok. Let them. For it is their mistake. Smile sweetly, safe in the knowledge that your brilliance will one day shock them to their core and rejoice in their surprise when it does. It isn’t what other people think that counts,

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