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THERE’S not many people who can claim to be an expert when it comes to parenting or childcare. But on Tuesday, I met one woman who absolutely can. One woman who has helped parents across the world get to grips with more tricky parenting dilemmas than you can shake a stick at. The wonderful Jo Frost, AKA ‘Supernanny’. I was invited to an intimate event at ‘The Library’ (a gorgeous

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WHEN you sleep, I spend ages marvelling at your face. As it’s still the most beautiful I have ever seen. And I smile as my eyes gaze on the one tiny freckle that’s dotted on your forehead, a pretty reminder of the fun we had last year on holiday in the sunshine. When you sleep, I watch your chest rise and fall. And if your breathing becomes too quiet or

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How to deal with sleep deprivation (for exhausted parents)

AAAH children, they make our worlds go round don’t they? They amuse us, melt our hearts and are the very centre of our existence but wouldn’t it be nice if they just slept? More. Well. Better. Through the night? I adore my daughter Elsie. Like every Mum, there is no one I love more on this planet than her, but – and it’s a big ol’ but – I just

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