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THE older I get, the more I find myself shunning neutrals in favour of colour. Particularly when it comes to my home. There’s just something about adding colour, which makes me happy, especially when it comes to accessories and the like.


NOTHING delights me more, I don’t think, than the fact that my three year old daughter adores books just as much as I do. As a total and utter bookworm, it was something that I had hoped would happen. The very fact that it has, makes me want to punch in the air and mum dance across the kitchen.

SPONSORED POST: iZettle prove dreams really can come true

  AS a proud freelance writer /PR  and blogger, I always do my best to try and support other small businesses. Why? Well firstly I do it out of solidarity with my fellow self employed comrades and secondly, well, because in my opinion and from personal experience, you just get a much better service from smaller businesses. There’s no doubt about it. We care more. We go the extra mile.

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STYLE: Shopping, Asian style

LAST Sunday I entered an incredibly bedazzling sparkly world and didn’t want to leave. But leave I did a few hours later with two large bags crammed full of beautiful, ethic goodies! I visited the incredible Bombay Stores, described as the UK’s largest Asian Department Store. Situated in Bradford City Centre, I’d been told great things about this shopping mecca by my mother in law, for years, but had yet

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