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WHAT people think about us? What they may say behind our back or in the company of others. Why do we care if people like us or not?  Some people will, others won’t. So what’s the big deal? Why do we care if people look at us in the street or when we’re out and about? Surely it’s better to be noticed than to be invisible? Isn’t it? Why do we

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I can still remember the first time I saw the new girl at school. Ten years old, she was my first girl crush. Pretty, stylish, fun and happy, she seemed to have it all. When she didn’t know I was looking, I would gaze at her across the playground or during assembly and marvel at her cool clothes, that set her apart from all of us. She wore raa raa

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Why you should (mostly) ignore your critics

WHEN I said I was going to be a journalist one day,  I was told that I was foolish and that it was NEVER going to happen. But yet it did. When I signed up to a modelling agency at 18 but didn’t quite make the cut, I was told that particular ambition was probably over. Only for me to become a cover girl in my thirties. When I left my

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