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I don’t think there’s anything I love to do more at this time in my life, than watch my baby sleep. There’s just something so beautiful, peaceful and innocent about a sleeping baby, tucked up safely and securely, snoozing away without a care in the world. I love watching Leo’s little facial expressions, tiny pouts and sleepy ‘Elvis’ smiles when he’s in REM sleep or seeing his little chest rise and

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FOR a long time I’ve been admiring this brand that I’m about to mention today. Out and about in my local town, I can always spot their stunning, vibrant pushchairs and have swooned over more blog posts featuring their gorgeous products than I can probably count. So I can only hope that my post is also swoon-worthy too!


A NIGHT alone? In a hotel? Without little Elsie? Well that’s something of a rare treat for the husband and I, so we were thrilled to be invited to stay at the Great Victoria hotel in Bradford just last month. We had a smashing time. Relaxed lots. Ate lots. Drank lots. And even managed a bit of a lie in too. But enough about what we go up to (although I’ll

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One ‘hell’ of an afternoon tea

I LOVE afternoon tea and am beginning to consider myself quite the connoisseur. From nibbling sandwiches at The Ritz to drinking fizz at Harvey Nichols, I have indulged in many afternoon teas over the past few years and as a result I have high standards. High standards indeed. A bit like men, I expect them to deliver,  to have the wow factor, to amuse and make me smack my lips

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STYLE: Shopping, Asian style

LAST Sunday I entered an incredibly bedazzling sparkly world and didn’t want to leave. But leave I did a few hours later with two large bags crammed full of beautiful, ethic goodies! I visited the incredible Bombay Stores, described as the UK’s largest Asian Department Store. Situated in Bradford City Centre, I’d been told great things about this shopping mecca by my mother in law, for years, but had yet

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SECRETS: Smitten with a little room in a little train station bar

I KNOW what you’re all thinking. What the ….?! It’s a strange title for a post granted and to be fair, it’s probably going to be a bit of a strange post too. But what can I say? I like to mix things up. On Saturday night I went out for some drinks and dinner in Sheffield. (Here’s a little snapshot of what I wore, posing in the local train

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POUT OF APPROVAL: Tea infusions from the Bluebird Tea Co.

MY name is Katie and I am a tea-aholic. No really, I totally am. When it comes to tea, I just can’t get enough. I drink umpteen cups of the stuff all day long. But whilst I do love a good cup of ‘normal’ tea (Yorkshire Tea is my always my preferred option for this) over the years I have started to cut back on Yorkshire’s finest and opt for

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Review: Maternity reflexology by Bumps Sheffield

Here’s a review I recently carried out for The Modern Girl’s Guide: Maternity reflexology by Bumps in Sheffield. LAST week I did something incredibly brave… I let a lady touch my feet. Now to you, that might not sound like a big deal, but for me, usually, the very thought of anyone touching my feet is enough to make me want to run a mile! But, early on Monday morning, I

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